Top 10 Things You need to have on Long Haul Flights

If you’re wearing heels, shorts, and tee, it is fine if your flight journey is two hours, however, you’ll probably shiver in cold in any flight more than 4 hours. So if you want to be as comfortable as you can in the tiny economy seat crammed on a full flight for 10 hours, I would suggest the following things you will want to have with you on the flight.



Nothing beats a good jacket that keeps you warm and cozy. It can even double up as a temporary pillow for your head or your back. It is even crucial to carry your winter jacket onboard in case of delayed or missing luggage. I had encountered once before in Pudong Airport, Shanghai during winter months, and boy was I glad that I had my winter jacket with me.

Eye Mask or Beanie

To cover your eyes during sleep. Frankly speaking, I prefer beanie because I can cover my eyes, muff out some noise, keep my head warm and my hair intact. One secret tip, you can use hair mist on your hair and then keep your hair under the beanie. This way your hair would frizz and dry out upon your destination. Pick a bright colored beanie to avoid looking like a robber.


Same function as your jacket and double up as a blanket when you sleep. Some frequent travelers swear by it but I find scarves are too thin to keep me warm especially when there are flights would does not turn up the heating in the plane.

iPod / Mobile Phones with In-Earphones

You can use it to block out any noise as well as a friendly potential conversation from the stranger sat next to you that might turn out to be a lengthy chat when all you want to do is to sleep. Soothing music or your favorite tunes might ease any anxiety building up while in the seat.

Charger or Changing Cable

Of course to juice up the mobile devices that you are going to listen to music to, play games and watch your downloaded movies. Nothing is more irritating to find out that your phone is left with 10% mid-flight.

Thick Socks

Now you have your head covered, your feet needs to be taken care of as well. Do you know you lose heat the fastest on the head and your feet? Relive your feet from your heels or leather shoes, allow them to breathe but wear a pair of clean thick socks to allow your surrounding passengers to breathe as well.


We all got to learn from the famous people who fly in and arrive with huge sunglasses. So what’s the deal here? Besides avoiding paparazzi, the most importantly is that you shouldn’t wear makeup on the flight. It is really bad for you due to the dryness of the air. Instead, pile on moisturizer and leave your makeup off your face. Shades will disguise the eye bags and dark shadows.

Lip Balm

I know, I know, it might seem a very girly thing to do, however, lips are lips and they do crack when the air is cold and dry.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.01.56 PM
Hand Sanitizer

Do you know that airplanes are full of germs? To avoid getting sick off the plane and spoiling your holiday, pack a travel sized bottle of sanitizer for application on your hands before you eat and after you use the washroom.

A Good Book

This is a great time to take some quiet time to indulge yourself in a good book with no disturbance. And no aircrew is going to tell you to keep the book because the plane is taking off.

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