Via Train from China to 4 different Countries


Nowadays, transportation from one country to another does not depend heavily on flying , for a fact, journey via a train can be exhilarating and adventure-laded. Many of us are aware of the Siberia or the famous Switzerland train journey yet many of us are unaware that in China, you actually can take a train and travel to four countries: Vietnam, North Korea, Mongolia, Russia.

If you are not rushing from place to place and your adventurous bug is itching to get out, join us for a ride below!

Take a train to Vietnam


Nanning – Hanoi T8701

From Nanning to Hanoi train is the evening to morning journey, if you managed to stay awake, you actually can witness the sunrise as your train pulled into Hanoi.

Time: 18:20 departure – 05:45 am the next day to arrive.

Nanning to Hanoi T8701 / 2 International train is running full 396 kilometers, the journey will take 11 hours, inclusive of pitstops at Pingxiang City in China and Vietnam for customs inspection.

Tickets: ¥ 215

Group Fare: 6 or more people can enjoy ¥ 168 each

Beijing – Hanoi T5

From Beijing to Hanoi this train, the T5 train journey is split into three parts, you will take the T7868 train from Beijing to Nanjing, after which the carriage will switch to T8705 in Nanjing towards Vietnam, upon reaching Vietnam border, you will switch to M2 to arrive at your destination, Hanoi.

Time: 15:45 start – the third day 08:48 arrival, the entire journey is estimated at 41 hours (inclusive of the border and transfer time).

Tickets: ¥ 2080 onwards

Take a train to Russia

moscow-1029681_960_720The train journey from Beijing to Moscow deserves to the mention, the scenery is spectacular and changing every single day. You will be spoiling for choice as you enjoy the beauty of Mongolian steppes, the Blue Lake Baikal, the enchanting silence of Siberia, vast jungles and historic Eurasia monuments!

There are two train routes from Beijing to Moscow, K3 and K19. It is highly recommended to take the K3 as the journey is shortened by a day and the fares are cheaper.

Beijing – Moscow (via Manzhouli)

K19 (available only on every Saturday at Beijing station)

The train has relatively comfortable route to Moscow, requires only Russia visa. It is almost one of the world’s longest train route.

Beijing – Moscow (K19): travel via the Gobi Desert and Siberia.

Different Type of Seat Category: Luxury soft sleeper (2 seaters) and Normal (4 seaters)

Mileage: the full journey is 8986 km, 6 days.

Time: every Saturday Beijing station departure at 23:00 – 17:58 arrived in Moscow next Friday, takes about 139 hours.

Tickets: Normal ¥ 3891, Group Pricing ¥ 3126; Luxury Soft Sleeper: ¥ 6044, group price ¥ 4897.

Beijing – Moscow (via Ulaanbaatar)

K3 (available only on every Wednesdays Beijing station of origin)

Beijing – Mongolia – Moscow (K3): travels via the Gobi Desert, Mongolia and Siberia.

Different Type of Seat Category: Luxury Soft Sleeper (2 seaters), Soft (4 seaters) and Normal (4 seaters)

Mileage: full 7621 km, 6 days.

Time: every Wednesdays Beijing station departure at 11:22 -13:58 arrived in Moscow on Monday, takes about 126 hours.

Tickets: Normal: ¥ 3496, Group Pricing ¥ 2728; Soft: 5114, Group Pricing ¥ 3970; Luxury Soft Sleeper: ¥ 5604, Group Pricing ¥ 4460.

Take a train to Mongolia


There are two trains to Beijing to Mongolia K3 and K23, but usually only buy K23, because in principle the sale of K3 tickets is only available in Irkutsk (Russia). There is little difference between the two train journeys’ arrival time.

Beijing – Ulan Bator (end)

K23 (available on every Tuesday and Saturday, Beijing station of origin)

The overnight train journey from Beijing to Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital, serves as a feeder to the Trans-Siberian line.

This train ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Time: every Tuesdays depart Beijing station 11:22 – 14:20 arrival at Ulaanbaatar, takes about 27 hours.

Different Type of Seat Category: Luxury Soft Sleeper (2 seaters), Soft (4 seaters) and Normal (4 seaters)

Tickets: Normal: ¥ 1222, Group Pricing ¥ 960; Soft Sleeper: ¥ 1723, Group Pricing ¥ 1345; Luxury Soft Sleeper: ¥ 1883, Group Pricing ¥ 1505.

By train to North Korea

In 2010, parts of North Korea is open to travel to the Chinese citizens. Before 2010, mobile phones, laptops, MP3, harddisk, long-lens cameras are prohibited from entering the country but now, mobile phones without GPS identification can be brought into the territory.

Beijing – Pyongyang K27 (available on every Monday, Beijing station of origin)

This is China’s first international transport to North Korea through passenger trains. Pitstops in Shenyang, Dandong, Sinuiju and Pyongyang.

Time: Beijing 17:27 departure, 17:45 arrival the next day, journey time takes entire 24 hours

Tickets: Normal: ¥ 1017, Group Pricing ¥ 806; Soft Sleeper: 1476, Group Pricing ¥ 1160.

Dandong – Pyongyang

An easier way to get into Pyongyang by train is to take it from DanDong, China. The trains run daily into Pyongyang, with a total journey of 5 and a half hours.

Time: 10:00 Dandong, 15:30 arrival in Pyongyang

Tickets: ¥ 253 Yuan

A train journey can be interesting as you meet all kind of passengers on the train, who are more than happy to exchange their life stories with you to pass their time quicker. A train journey also allows you to enjoy the scenery, catch up on your reading or writing and the biggest benefit of all, pit stops at different places!

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