Where should you store your luggage during a long layover in London

In London for a long layover? Take this as an opportunity to explore the city instead of being stuck in the airport.

London has five major airports, namely the London Heathrow, London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Luton and London City. Each of the airports has world class facilities and one of it, you should take advantage of are the airport’s storage facilities to help you to keep your luggage safe and leaving you hands-free out and about enjoying what London has to offer, instead of lugging your heavy luggage around town.

Even you do not wish to get out of the Airport, some of London’s airports like Heathrow Airport are pretty huge, with plenty for travellers to explore. You can wine and dine, enjoy duty-free shopping and book yourself a good massage without having your luggage dragged along behind you.


Heathrow Airport

At each of its terminal from 2 to 5, you will find storage facilities at the Arrivals areas. You can choose to leave your baggage or luggage with Excess Baggage Company for a few hours to a few days. The costs start from £6 for up to 2 hours to £5 for more than 72 hours for each item.

Credit: Darren Foreman @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/dsf/

Credit: Darren Foreman @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/dsf/

Gatwick Airport

You can store your luggage at the South Terminal Arrivals of the airport (The North Terminal luggage storage is temporarily closed due to the upgrading of the airport). The counter is open 24 hours and £6 for per 24 hours for each item.


Stansted Airport

Located in the International Arrivals landside concourse, Luggage Point’s baggage storage facilities charges £3 per day and £18 per week for small items, whereas bigger items are charged £10 and £60 respectively.


Luton Airport

Beside the escalators to Departures, the baggage storage facilities are at the Check In Concourse. Each item is subjected to £5 for 2 hours or less and £10 up to 24 hours. Beyond 24 hours, it will be £5 thereafter.


City Airport

Storage facilities are available at a charge of £10 per item per 24-hour period, can be found at Security Zone A in the Terminal concourse.

Do take note of that all baggage is required by the authorities to scan through, so the usual suspects like sharp objects come under the same guidelines. There are no lockers in all the airports and train stations due to security reasons.

There are alternatives to store your luggage at the airports. One option available is to contact your regular hotel chain if you are a member. Some hotels do allow their members to store luggage with them if it is within a few hours. Another alternative to consider is to hire a private car to take you for a tailored tour while leaving your luggage in the trunk.

Whatever your choice is, there are definitely plenty to do in London and waste not one moment away, trying to figure how to deal with your baggage!

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