Things to do with Kids in Tokyo

One of the biggest headaches a parent can have is to bring their little ones on a holiday. However, if you choose to go to Tokyo, you are in luck because it is a fantastic city to take kids and it is by far the most interesting destination in Japan for families. Don’t brush it off as another big city like the rest of the world’s, Tokyo surprisingly has an incredible array of attractions and kid-friendly destinations that could easily keep a family very busy for a week or more. I may not be a mummy yet but many of my female friends choose Tokyo to be one of the top destination countries to bring the little ones around. Stick around and I will tell you more.

The National Museum of Science and Nature
If Science and Nature fascinate your children, this is the place to be. Popular among parents because this place not only occupies your child’s attention but creates a positive environment for learning. Located in Ueno Park, the building is one of the best Tokyo attractions to enjoy with the kids on a rainy day. Check out the dinosaur, animal and space exhibits. Be sure to visit Theater360 where you stand on a bridge in a sphere and watch a movie in 3D, this creates a floating sensation.

Imperial Palace Gardens
The beautiful grounds and gardens of the Imperial Palace are a great destination to wander with the kids! Let them run about and enjoy the stunning views of the palace. There are lovely shady spots, perfect for a family picnic!


Tokyo Disneyland
Disneyland wins hands off as one of the best Things To Do with Kids in Tokyo. There are seven theme parks in Disney Japan, and if that isn’t enough Disney Sea which is right next to it. The best time to visit Disneyland would be during the theme holidays as you would get to enjoy the special parades during these periods, however, be sure to book your tickets online and in advance, as their tickets are known to sold out pretty fast! Be expected to be in a queue all the time so have your iPad in handy. On a good day, you would probably be able to squeeze in 5 rides with kids.


It is the highest structure in Japan offering the highest observation deck at 450 meters. Tokyo Skytree is popular with families, elderly and children alike. The base of the building has an aquarium, planetarium and 300 shops and restaurants

Tokyo Toy Museum
One of the coolest kid’s spot in Tokyo is the Toy Museum, housed in a gorgeous elementary school in Yotsuya. First established in Nakano in 1984 by an avid toy collector, the name “museum” is a little misleading because the museum proper only occupies one and a half rooms. The rest of the place is a huge hands-on play area for kids to explore.

MegaWeb Toyota City Showcase
Toyota, the well-established brand that every family in Japan knows and here you can see the latest and future of Toyota products. Located at Palette Town, there are simulator rides and a mini playground for kids to run around.

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