Only the Hottest Clubs in Taipei

The Chinese in Taiwan really know how to dance and head bob their way around lonesome nights. Of all the clubbing places I have been in different Asia countries, I find that Taipei has one of the most happening clubs around. Of course, their competition is pretty fierce among the clubs, each of them with their own unique selling points from bringing big international acts, to having young and pretty mei meis (妹妹) erm hemm, female wait staff to competitive drink prices are enough to knock those which are not on par down the drain in a few months time.

Here are some of the hottest clubs in Taipei, not all of them I have to patronize but word of mouth do go round pretty fast and yes, they are that good to reach my ears in Kuala Lumpur!



They bring in some of the coolest international DJ around but most importantly, the locals says if you ever want to experience nightlife in Taipei, Elektro is the place to be. Situated on the 6th floor of Taipei’s clubbing mecca ATT4Fun in the bustling Xinyi district, Elektro pulls no punches when it comes to music. You will find sweet young early twenties deck in their mini dresses jiggling to the tunes. You probably have no chance to grab a seat as the place gets crowded even before 11pm.

Club Myst

One of the longest standing clubs to my knowledge, this club is definitely a competitor that gives Elektro a run for its money. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest and you might expect to have to line up for a while outside if you arrive after midnight so try to get it early. Very spacious dance floor, probably one of the biggest on Taipei. They have an outdoor deck for you to go out and get away from the thumping music if it gets too much for you, and from there you can see the view of Taipei 101. The music choice is similar to that of Elektro’s but I think there are more hip-hop and R&B mixes whereas Elektro is most of the time solely EDM.


OMNI Nightclub

A pretty newcomer to the scene in comparison to the two big brothers above. Here is where you get 70% foreigners and the rest are Taiwan mei meis probably trying to hook one up as their boyfriends. Surprisingly courteous staffs for a club and the prices were pretty reasonable. As for the music, it was good. A lot of EDM and hardcore music.


Another great club is Halo, located at Taipei’s clubbing mecca ATT4Fun. Everyone who has been there, came back to tell me they have an awesome experience there. The crowd was mostly foreign. Music is mostly American pop ranging from hip hop to Taylor swift. So your nightly ritual dance in the shower while belting out “Shake It Off” will come into good use now. The best thing about Halo is definitely their outdoor area. There are some seats and plenty of room for you to enjoy the spectacular view of Taipei 101. This is one club I can’t wait to go and sweat it out one day!

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