Best Getaways for The Most Hardworking Man

Who am I talking about? The most important man in your life, of course. Your father. Since father’s day is coming right up in last than a month, you might be thinking what gift is the best gift to show that you have the best dad in the whole world, I thought you might like to surprise him with a quick getaway this summer.

Here are some of the coolest awesome getaway ideas to tell your dad that you love him.


Nothing beats creating more family time than to hang out in the open with your father. Whether it is a riverboat cruise, a ferry cruise or a luxurious cruise, it brings out the sense of adventure in him. The best benefit is that on a cruise, you don’t need to plan activities because they have planned it all for you. I know those 3 days 2 nights cruises are fantastic with yoga in the morning, free round the clock buffet for the foodie, great nightly shows for entertainment. Some cruise ships even have an in-house movie theater that shows classic reruns that bring the good ol’ memories for him.

Tip 1: Pick a cruise that lasts a few days or a week, and then consider stopping off at one of the locations for a couple of days to explore.

Tip 2: Make sure daddy is alright with the rocking of the boat or big waves in the sea otherwise, you and he will just have a horrible time with seasickness.


Explore A Historic City
Cities are always easy for the seniors because nowadays major cities cater to seniors and the young ones. Little cafes are all around the corners whenever daddy needs a break from all the walking (and maybe shopping!). To make it interesting, choose a city that has a rich history that your father loves. Europe has full of cities that brings along rich history and both of you can go museum exploring. From the castles in England and Scotland to the warfare museums in Germany and Poland, you may even provoke a story or two from his younger days.

Tip 1: Plan only one museum or exhibition a day because it can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Tip 2: Watch the weather! Some of our dads can have arthritis and long walks even indoor can cause pain in the knees.


Rest & Relax
If your dad is still a working man, what better way to reward him with a retreat getaway. The sand, the coconut trees, the sea breeze and not to mention the views you will be getting. Trust me on this, even it is just a short 3 days 2 nights weekend trip, you will get a much-needed rest in a beach resort just by doing nothing. You will feel energize and ready to take on next life challenge when you are ready to check out. Asia has one of the best beaches ever, you can check it out here!

Tip 1: Pick the right resort! Some resorts are family friendly and some are couple friendly. If you want to have some peace and quiet, try to book a less popular resort, preferably on an island so there will be less tourist crowd.

Tip 2: Avoid the peak seasons. Otherwise, you probably will bump into huge families dragging their crying children or frat boys getting drunk on booze and having nightly parties.


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