8 Ancient Old Town in China

Bringing you somewhere you haven’t seen before, I’ll like to introduce you 8 antique old towns in China that will simply amaze you. If you are sick of big cities and malls yet you don’t want to visit another sand infested area, you may wish to consider these locations on your next trip.

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Langzhong is also located in Sichuan. Zhang Fei of Three Kingdoms stayed here for 7 years, so you can see Three Kingdoms culture everywhere. If you are in Langzhong, you need to visit Teng Wang Pavilion.

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Eat: How can you not taste the authentic craft here in Langzhong? Steamed Pork Rice is a must try!

Stay: There are plenty of inns and homestay to choose from.

Drive: Guangyuan is located 160 kilometres north of Langzhong. Guangyuan to Langzhong is only 2 hours by car.

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Zhen Yuan Ancient Town镇远古镇

Zhen Yuan is located in Guizhou. The S-shaped river winds through the city. It is also known as the eight diagrams town.

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Eat: Hot pot Fish Sour Soup taste very authentic. There are special local wines and homemade dishes can bring your taste buds to a new height.

Stay: Live at those inns that provide you with a room with a balcony and a view.

Drive: Along the road X301 around 0.9 km, turn slightly to the right when you reach the ramp. Upon reaching the road fork, turn right into Lanhai highway.

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Hong Village宏村

If you visit Mount Huangshan, do drop by Hong Village. This place enjoys the legendary title of “The Village in Chinese painting”, dating back nearly a thousand years of history. This is such a beautiful enchanting place that many artists travel from afar just to draw the village.

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Eat: Smelly Fish is their speciality, deserves a try!

Stay: There are many architectural old houses that offer stay in.

Drive: Huangshan City has 2 tourist buses to reach the scenic spots around Mount Huangshan, 1 hour a day.

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Daxu town大圩古镇

Daxu Town is located in Guilin, Guangxi. It is not as popular as other ancient town but it has its own beauty and mesmerising spots. Entering Daxu Town is like entering a different century, a different timezone. If you want to go back into the past, this is the place to be.

Eat: Nothing much to eat except simple food

Stay: We recommend this place as a day trip as everything is really basic here.

Drive: Guilin to Daxu town only 15 kilometres away

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Lu Zhi甪直

This village has thousand years of history and because it is isolated and not well publicised, it has remained untouched by tourists.

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Eat: Luzhi town that has a lot of street food one can taste, such as Begonia bright colours cake and Fu Li Duck.

Stay: There are many youth hostels to cater affordable yet comfortable accommodation.

Drive: Ningao highway towards Shanghai direction, besides Suzhou Industrial Park, 3 kilometres away, there is Luzhi exit signage. Drive towards that sign and you will see the town from afar.

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Huang Yao Ancient Town黄姚古镇

Huang Yao Ancient Town is also located in Guangxi. It is named as the Yellow Town because the town has a name with two yellow in it. This place has the perfect scenery with mountain and lakes. Peaceful and serene.

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Eat: The local people made plum wine and longevity fruit wine. Even for people who don’t like to drink, it’s worth a try.

Stay: There are many comfortable hotels and inns that suit all budgets.

Drive: You can choose two routes: Guangzhou – Hezhou – Huang Yao or Guilin – Huang Yao or Hezhou – Huang Yao.

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Xijiang Miao Village西江苗寨
This place is currently China’s and the world’s largest Miao inhabited villages, known as China’s first Miao.

Eat: Remember to taste their local speciality Miao King Fish. This dish is usually accompanied by a live show.

Stay: There are many hotels in the vicinity.

Drive: Guiyang (960m) — > G6011 (28.6KM) — > G60 (Kai Li, Huaihua direction 144.5KM) — > Kai Li City in Leishan direction 11km) — > San Ke Shu Town (the direction of Xijiang River 20km) — > 1000 Xijiang Miao village.

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Pingle Ancient Town平乐古镇

Located in Chengdu, Pingle Ancient Town was formed as early as West Han Dynasty (150 B.C.). Pingle was an important town on the ancient South Sichuan Road and South Silk Road. The picturesque bridge is the centre of the town. From there you can enjoy interesting snacks and activities found along the ancient street.

Eat: Milky Soup Noodles, it is rich in flavour and its fresh aroma will make your mouth watered.

Stay: You will find a lot of small inns offering stay in the vicinity of Pingle. Some of them even decorate their rooms to match the atmosphere of Pingle.

Drive: From Chengdu – there will be signs indicating directions to Pingle Ancient Town after Cheng Wen Qiong highway.

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