Guest Post: Long Duration Flights

It’s fun to fly on holiday every now and then, but any time in the sky, from a couple of hours to a whole day or more when crossing multiple time zones is, for the human body, a real challenge.

Aside from the cabin pressure and dry air, sitting immobile for hours is anything but restful. Long periods of immobility increase the risk as sitting and leg room are cramped. Dehydration and low cabin pressure are also contributors, according to the American Heart Association.

Be active. The only thing that gets that blood from the lower body back up to the heart is muscle contraction, so move around and flex those leg muscles regularly.


Lift your feet a few inches off the ground.
Rotate each foot in opposite directions: clockwise and counter-clockwise motion.
Move your feet slowly and fluidly.
10 circles each direction.
Start with your feet flat.
Raise your heels as much as you can, then lower and raise your toes.
Repeat 10 times.
Move your feet slowly and fluidly.
Embrace one knee with both hands and gently bring it to your chest. Take 5 deep breaths holding this position.
Repeat with the other knee.
Bring the shoulders back, then up toward the ears, and then forward and down as low as possible.
Rotate the shoulders in a big, smooth, circular motion.
Make big, slow, and fluid movements.
It´s difficult to roll the neck while seated so,
Gently bend the head toward one shoulder and breath in that position 5 times. Back to the neutral position and bend toward the other shoulder and breathe again.
Next, drop the chin toward the chest. Take 5 deep breaths and back to the neutral position. Last, drop your head back and… breathe.
Relax the muscles that aren’t directly involved in these stretches. For example, the shoulder muscles.
– Of course, go to the toilet, even if you don´t need to. Honestly, it´s the best way you can stretch and move your legs.
Have a happy and safe flight 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Long Duration Flights

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  2. Great website! I have been following Chape since quite some time.He is the kind of person who is committed towards helping you stay fit through his tips, tutorials and advices! 🙂


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