Back to my journey to Tioman’s Bagus Place. The moment I got down the Genting Jetty, I have never been so glad to have my feet on the ground. Oh, but my sea journey doesn’t end there. Bagus Place is at a private jetty, meaning I would need to make my way from Genting Jetty to their private jetty. This isn’t a problem as Bagus Place sent a representative, Eric to meet us with his speedboat. The journey on an open speedboat is a lot more pleasant than cooping up in the ferry. I love the breeze in my hair and the occasional sea spray, accompanied by 20 minutes of gorgeous vast endless sea view.

Upon reaching the quiet part of the island, I was ushered to rest at their common bar area, with a free welcome cocktail drink and a plate of Tuna sandwiches with fries. Eric and Ziah, both coordinators of Bagus Place, introduced the place and explain the activities as well as meal schedules. Meals are meant to be taken at the common restaurant with breakfast between 8am to 10am, lunch at 12noon to 2pm and dinner at 7.30pm sharp. Their bar rules are the coolest where it is based on honesty policy throughout the day where you can get behind the bar, mix yourself a drink and jot it down on a notepad where your additional charges will be tallied at the end of your stay. Otherwise, your stay actually comes with full board meals and free activities like snorkelling and kayaking. This is actually pretty cool because I have been to beach resorts and they charge you like crazy when you engage their services for activities or food.

My baggage was already waiting for me at my hut which is Rumah Laut (Ocean House in Malay). This room usually reserved for honeymooners and couples in love because of the enchanting sea view that I wake up to and see the moment I open my eyes. It is also exclusive and secluded than other huts.


It is so endearing that they decorated the bed!


The room comes with a mini kitchen with a mini fridge. One cautionary tip is that you will need to lock up all your food because you’ll get visitors like monkeys who will steal food that is left out in the open. But don’t worry, they are pretty harmless and will run off once you make loud noises.



Bagus Place offers 10 really unique huts that not one is alike so you are really spoiled for choice. In fact, I was so tempted to ask them if I can change my hut every night so I can get to experience the different huts.


  • Tree House
  • Boat House
  • Sang Kancil
  • Big Chief
  • Eagle View
  • Flying Fox
  • Giant Squirrel
  • Hawksbill
  • Rock House
  • Rumah Laut







The room with the gentle sea breeze is so lulling that I fell asleep almost immediately, without any air condition or fan needed. The sound of the sea waves lapping at the bottom of the hut make excellent natural relaxation music.



Dinner the first night was pretty awesome with BBQ buffet. Just a quiet table by the beach, there is only a family of 5, two couples and a guy staying at the resort. Every night at 8.30pm, they have a shark feeding session at the first gazebo. You will get to see black tip sharks swimming up to the jetty to be fed.




I shall continue my last bit of breathtaking retreat to zero technology island in my next post. Keep a lookout for it!

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