Family Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco

Those who have travelled with family know the joys and challenges of such a trip. Everything – the good and the bad – is amplified. A warm wait staff, a kitchen open to the flexible whims of a child’s palate and a room of diners tolerable of tantrums all add up to a winning formula for feeding your children outside of the home.

Greens Restaurant

Looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge and a boat harbour, Greens Restaurant is only steps away from the Marina Green and offers vegetarian food even non-vegetarians rave about. Between the child-friendly menu options and the produce grown at Green Gulch Farm in Marin, the restaurant is as good as the décor is fun.


Park Chow

Mums in the neighbourhood love bringing their kids here for weekend brunch. This eatery is very kid-friendly with lots of high chairs and serves food made of only the finest local organic ingredients. If you look around during your meal, I guarantee you that half of the tables in the restaurant will be families with young children.


Pig & Pie

Pig & Pie is a hip neighbourhood eatery in the Mission with a farm-to-table menu focusing on pork & pies. They host family night every Tuesday from 4:30 to 7 with the occasional guest storyteller or artists to make the night that much more special. A great place where the kids can let loose and parents can have a glass of wine or a pint of beer and let their kids run around and play without getting dirty looks.


La Briciola

It is a romantic and kid-friendly restaurant that serves Northern Italian cuisine. Mixing the flavours of Tuscan and Piedmontese, La Briciola creates some delicious dishes. Besides their excellent menu and cosy environment is their attitude about dining and the family. They provide a peaceful environment and are openly friendly to the children of the family. They provide crayons and paper for colouring, never hurry the dining experience, and make everyone feel at home.

Mel’s Drive-in

Balloons and crayons are given free to children here. In this casual dining restaurant, guests will hear music played from the 1950s and find items on the kid’s menu such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, meatloaf, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The kids can wash down their food with a soft drink or milkshake.


Park Chalet

With a great mix of indoor and outdoor seating, Park Chalet gives you the experience of eating in a garden (without all the allergies). The menu includes items like chicken wings, Caesar salads, and cheeseburgers for the pickier eaters, and fun options like lobster leek sausage and kale salad for the more adventurous.


A kid friendly café with play props, books, board games and a play studio. Seesaw is a café that’s Scandinavian inspired, design conscious and aimed at appealing to parents with small children.


Rigolo Café

This easy-going French-style bistro serves cakes and cookies, breakfast favourites, sandwiches, salads and more formal dinner entrees. The staff is friendly and happy to sweep up after your toddler has toppled her bowl of mac and cheese all over the floor. The kids menu includes classic and more adventurous entrees and small mix-and-match sides for picky eaters.

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