Terrorism & Travel

Recently, we received sad news on the recent spate of terror events happening to countries that we love. Places like Germany and France are well sought after holiday destinations, very popular with all kinds of travellers and families, especially during summer holidays. With the tragic incidents, many of my friends have chosen to divert their holidays to elsewhere instead, some avoiding Europe all together this year.

If you are still keen to visit Europe this year, it will be the best that you take precaution and be on high alert at all times. Below are some of the compiled safety precautions that you can take to keep yourself safe and still enjoy a wonderful holiday.


Stay Alert

Always look out for signs of unease and do trust your gut instincts. If you don’t feel safe in the area, move away and go somewhere else. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Where’s your embassy?

Before you travel, always take note of your nearest embassy or high commission’s location. Check if it is near your booked accommodation (can you walk or do you have to take public transportation) and have their 24 hours hotline program into your phone which is usually diverted to a person’s mobile line.


Most countries allow you to register online with the ministry of foreign affairs when you are travelling to another country. I always make it a habit of allowing my government to track my movement when I’m outbound from my country. This will allow them to outreach to you in the case of emergencies and if they require to evacuate you. It serves the purpose of them contacting your next of kin, should they need to reach out to them.


Leave a Point of Contact

Notifying your family members and your loved ones of your itinerary is usually a good idea. Giving them a list of point of contact is a great way for them to reach you in case they can’t contact you via your mobile. Numbers such as your accommodation, your tour guide or even your hired driver will help your loved ones if they need to reach you urgently.

Carry Self-Defense Items

I always carried one with me all the time for safety purposes. Self-defense items can be pepper spray, portable high pitch alarm, taser etc. However, do note that some countries or airlines do not allow you to carry such items so always check to make sure you are not carrying a prohibited item.

Keep Yourself Updated

Make it a point to watch the local news at least when you are back to your hotel room. Keep yourself aware of what is happening to your area will allow you to be more aware and take necessary safety measures. Like if there are reports of suspected foul play intended at a certain event, you might want to skip the event.


Visit your country’s Foreign Affair website

Your country’s Foreign Affair website will probably list a few countries that are not advisable for visits. It will be good if you check out the website a week before you leave for your holiday.

Blown Out of Proportion

The above advice is very similar to what you will give to anyone who is travelling to a high-risk country. What is happening around us has blown out of proportion, you can choose to focus on panicking and avoid travel altogether or you can choose to take necessary precautions and still enjoy your well deserved holiday.

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

Connect with me @ Kally@ladyredot.com


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