After a few days in the town of Banff, we headed over to Lake Louise to stay at the Fairmont there. My dad’s work actually arranged for us to take the Royal Canadian Pacific Railway which is apparently a pretty big deal because you aren’t really allowed to ride it without connections. It was built in 1881 and I guess Winston Churchill used to ride it which is cool. It was a private ride for just the people in our group and we were able to wander around the whole train and had a nice buffet and it was just a really cool experience.
When we arrived at Lake Louise, I have to admit I was really surprised at how amazing it was. Everyone kept telling us beforehand how nice it was but I was kind of skeptical. However it was actually one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The lake was so big and blue and the mountains behind it were like something out of a painting. We even got to take some canoes out on it, which I was a bit nervous about because we fit ten people in one when the maximum is supposed to be eight, and I was really paranoid about falling in and destroying my camera. We survived though and I got to sit in the front and got a really incredible view. The weather there can get a bit weird so it actually started pouring right before we reached the dock which was less than ideal but actually kind of cool. I can’t really say canoeing is something I want to pursue again though, not the most outdoorsy person over here.
We also went up on some ski lifts which take you to the top of the mountains for another amazing view. There was a trail that you could climb afterward to take you even higher, but I walked up it a little ways and was immediately out of breath, so I opted out of that. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the altitude or if I’m just super out of shape. Probably a bit of both. Supposedly there are bears up there as well but luckily I didn’t encounter any. There was also a restaurant overlooking the mountains so we had a nice lunch there. Overall I had a really nice experience even though it isn’t something I would normally do. I guess it’s good to get out and do something different every once in a while!
IMG_5693 IMG_5683 IMG_5684 IMG_5708 IMG_5719 IMG_5720 IMG_5734 lake louise canoe IMG_5751 IMG_5753 IMG_5758 IMG_5770

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