How to Survive a 12-hour Flight

The aeroplane is one of the most common modes of transportation. Whether you’re going somewhere 2 hours away or 12 hours away, most of the time, the best way to go is by a flight. However, flights can be dreadful, much less a long one. So how do you make sure you stay relaxed at the end of a long flight? We have listed some tips for you.


Reserve your seats in advance
It may cost you an amount of money, but you will thank yourself for spending on specific seats. You will be on a plane for 12 hours, so you have to make sure that your seat is the most comfortable seat for you. You do not want to get leg cramps for sitting too long with a bad posture because of a lack of space, right?


Pack your weapons
I am not talking about guns and ammo. I am talking about weapons to fight boredom. If you know that you will be on a long flight, do not forget to put something that will entertain you in your carry-on bag. It could be a good book, or a tasteful magazine, handheld gaming console, your phone, your laptop (all on airplane mode), a sketch pad, a notepad, etc. So go ahead, remind yourself to pick your weapon and make sure it’s worthwhile.

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Wear clothes appropriate for the temperature in the plane
If you’re going somewhere humid, but will be on a 12-hour flight to get there, hold off that temptation to wear clothes made of lightweight fabrics just yet. Cabin temperature is always cold, so you’d want to wear comfortable clothing that will protect you from the cold. Try layering so you can just take off pieces once you feel a little bit too warm.


Prepare some snacks you can munch on
Make sure these are dried goods so you can put them in your carry-on. Anything that’s liquid or in gel form may have to be checked-in.


Do not just sit all throughout the flight
Get up every two to three hours. You have to make sure you maintain good blood circulation by walking or stretching every once in a while. Remember, sitting too long is harmful wherever you may be.


Relax and do not be afraid to catch some z’s
When you’re on a long flight, you’ll realise that your travel pillow and blanket are your best friends. A 12-hour flight means being on a plane for an entire day or night, so make sure to use the opportunity to your advantage. Get enough rest and sleep so you’ll be fully charged when you arrive at your destination – ready to explore!


Lastly, do not forget to enjoy the scenery
Clouds and stars are not the only things you’ll see from up above. The magnificent ocean, occasional spots of lands that are actually islands, cargo ships that look like ants, city lights, etc. are always amazing to look at. Look out the window, there’s a lot to see!

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Mish worked as a travel expert, customer service specialist and a communications trainer in the past. After working for eight years straight since she graduated, she decided to give up her corporate job. She now focuses on her 4-year old son, works as a freelance writer and a real estate assistant. She is a sun-worshipper, a water baby, and an earth warrior. And oh, she’s tiny but she is an Olympic-level glutton. Let her bring your tummy around the globe! You can reach her at LinkedIn.


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