Celebrate 2017 in Singapore!

Singapore, a modern city island, is now a popular site for travellers during New Years. With its artsy restaurants, famous clubs and sandy beaches it should be a goal for all on their traveller’s bucket list.

Here are some of the best of Singapore during this festive.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 10.20.07 PM.png
Wishing Spheres
This Annual tradition is one of Singapore’s New Year Eve’s highlights. Recently reaching national recognition, people from all around the world come to write their wishes and aspiring goals to float in the marina bay. In recent years, numbers as high as 25,000 light up spheres have been used. Once written on, the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown crew anchor the spheres in detailed shapes. This task is no small one, with the total preparation taking up to 10,000 hours.

It’s a privilege to serve the community this way- to be a part of the team that brings so many people together to celebrate and usher in the New Year.


1919 Water Boathouse
For those looking to get a front row seat of the spectacular wishing spheres and NYE fireworks, the 1919 Water Boathouse is the place. A relaxed restaurant with savoury seafood and hand-selected wines, the building is held in a historic colonial heritage site, known in the past as one of Singapore’s busiest ports. Along with the great food is a rooftop panoramic view of the light show light show.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.07.39 AM.png

A smaller island located south of the city. This little chunk of land holds a big reputation. Each year over 12 million tourist visit and has it own Universal Studios. It also has a 2km beach, 14 hotels and 2 golf courses. During New Years, Sentosa comes alive with music, competitions, and lavish food. Head over to the beach for a 12-hour neon themed party. Or for a louder party come earlier in December for club Zouk’s crazed beach party. One of the biggest in Asia with tens of thousands of people.


Zouk is the French world for party and if anything that is what these people know. Originally established in 1991 it is decorated with awards. Such as Singapore’s Tourism Board’s Best Nightspot Experience which it has won 6 times. It is also ranked 6th best on DJ Mag top100 clubs in a global 2016 poll. Zouk has 3 different themed rooms: its club, with a large dance floor and state of the art sounds and lights; the Velvet Underground, a more relaxed lounge with house and soul music; and lastly, Phuture, an abstract futuristic bar with hip-hop and R&B. It is one of the oldest and most popular clubs and to some Singaporeans, it is seen as a right of passage for the younger crowd.


Singapore Flyer
Escape the New Year’s Eve craze and head to the Singapore Flyer. This 165 meter Ferris wheel is the largest in Asia. It was the largest in the world until the High Roller in Las Vegas was made with a height of 167.7 meters. The observatory is located in the heart of downtown Marina Bay which allows for a grand viewing of the countdown fireworks and if you’re lucky of a glimpse of Malaysia and Indonesia on the horizon. The Flyer also serves food and champagne.

This photo of CE LA VI Club Lounge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Another French named club, CÉ LA VI translates to “This Is life”. This dancing heaven demands a more luxurious crowd. It is located 57 levels above the ground at 200 meters. With this view, attendees are at eye level to the stunning display of New Year’s fireworks. Along with the view, CÉ LA VI is known for its award-winning modern Asian Cuisine with culinary artist awaiting your every wish. Under their website, they brag of their “Globe-spanning culinary adventures in a spectacular setting. Cocktails that concoct magical spells – transforming surprising ingredients into unexpected treasures”.

Let us, the locals show you how to have an awesome time in Singapore to open your 2017 with a bang! Talk to us now at askus@ladyredot.com.

josh-may Hello! I’m Josh and I’m a journalism and business student from the U.S. I grew up near Boston but now I’m living in Thailand. In the past I’ve been a ski instructor, waiter, and camp counselor. Now I’ve taken up the pen and want to develop my skills as a writer. I got hooked on traveling last December. I found the microscopic image of my town and realized how much of the earth I hadn’t seen. Since then I’ve had a fire in my belly to see and do as much as I can. My experience here in Thailand has been so great and now I’m eager to share and inspire others to get out, it’s worth it! You can keep in contact with me at LinkedInUpwork or Facebook.


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  1. I like SIngpore. I lived there for two years,and was considering becoming a citizen. But then… i came back to India…
    Now, I would hesistate to go back to Singapore. It has become so expensive

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