How to Propose while On Vacation

The “love is on the air” season is around the corner and couples are preparing the way to impressively express their love to their significant one, some decide to bring the relationship to the next level with the proposal. Those who are travelling is no exception, so how to propose your loved one while you are on the trip or how to plan for that? Check out some suggestions for impressive proposal ideas while you are travelling.


1. If you are a good organiser and on a big budget, give him/her a scavenger hunt trip to cities where your partner always loves to visit. At each destination, he/she will get a clue for the next destination and at the final destination, you will be there and wait for her to say “Yes”. To do this, you need to get in touch pretty much with the locals if you can go first to arrange everything.

2. How about making a journey video of you both at each destination, where you secretly propose your loved one? After that, edit to match with he/she saying “Yes” to random question you asked at each place. Finally show them the video in a romantic setting, I don’t think he/she can say no now. What you need: a camera to record your journey and edit them later. Oh and a list of question where you can get he/she to say “Yes”.


3. If you are on the solo trip yourself and thinking of proposing your significant one when you are back, this could work. You can ask the host family or locals you stayed with to write down / record a short video stated: “why he/she think you will be a good future husband/ wife” or what they wish for you both in marriage. Make a promise with the host family that you will return with your husband/ wife in the future.

4. Another way is asking the help of locals in any destination to help you hide a “fortune teller box” at one of the holy places you both will be visiting (church/temples, etc). The box will be then handed to your significant one by a stranger and tada, surprise, you both are tied by fate.


5. For nature lover folks, go somewhere you can camp together. Make sure you paint your proposal question on your tent with “glow in the dark” paint. Imagine you both are already in such romantic and wild setting, after having such a good time enjoy the campfire outside, retreat for a good night sleep, he/she see this, surprise and delight!

6. Surprise from the planning stage is another fantastic way. You can try to prepare a list of destinations, whose the initial words combined will be “Marry me”. If budget allows doing the trip, show him/her the tickets with the circle on each word and watch him/her say yes. In case your budget does not allow the trip take place immediately, at least you both have a bucket list together to look forward in the future.


7. Lastly, do it classical way. Asking the hotel to help you prepare the proposal. You can pretty much be creative with your script/ setting and ask the manager to arrange for you accordingly.

So yes, travelling is one of the best ways to propose your significant one in a meaningful way, which show how much you thought of them on each step you taking or will be taking. So let plan a trip and ensure your proposal get a Yes from “the one”.

Over at LadyRedot, we can plan a romantic getaway, the special proposal even a celebration of your anniversary holiday. Just

june Hello, I am June! I love to explore different roles to find out what is my passion. I used to be a travel consultant, a Kindergarden English teacher, an Expedia’s Lodging Partner Support agent, and the latest is being a freelancer. Eventually, I figure that my passion is to express the hospitality spirit from my heart and inspire others from my work. Being a writer for LadyRedot, where I get inspired and inspire others, and running my own bed and breakfast in Vietnam. I view life as a colorful and adventurous journey, join me as I share my passion with you! You can reach out to me @ LinkedIn.


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