Breathtaking Scenic Spots in Taitung

Unknown to many, Taiwan has its own version of Hawaii that is Taitung. It is a city located in South East Taiwan with a population of about 108,000. It has a chill and laidback vibe, which matches the simplicity of its surroundings. In this article, we give you a virtual tour of Taitung by showing you its hidden breathtaking spots.


Dulan Beach
Dulan is a serene town on the east coast of Taitung city. It is a tiny community surrounded by mountains and wonderful beaches. Dulan beach has fine, clean, brown sand with waves that are perfect for beginner surfing. What makes it even more amazing is that you rarely see people go there. You can have its entire stretch of coastline all to yourself. It is a perfect place to get in touch with nature.

Taitung or Taidong Forest Park
With an astounding scope of 280 hectares, this park is huge enough to contain a lake within its premises. Pipa Lake is home to many aquatic animals and plants and is one of the scenic spots in the park. Taitung Forest Park is truly a secret haven within a concrete city.


Jhibhen Hot Spring
A few minutes away from Taitung City lies the town of Jhibhen. It is a small town blessed with hot springs with crystal clear and odourless water. Many Japanese-style baths and outdoor hot pools are available for the visitors to enjoy. Aside from the relaxing hot baths, the surrounding evergreen mountains also contribute to the tranquillity in Jhibhen.

Tianhou Temple
This vibrant, well-maintained temple complex is situated at the northern tip of Zhonghua Road. It is the largest temple in Taitung and is dedicated to Matsu or Mazu. Aside from being a place of worship, it is also famous as a tourist attraction for its beautiful details that exhibit their rich history and culture. Tourists should wait until the evening, as its main courtyard is also used for swordplay practice.

Paposogan or the Seashore Park
This park is perfect for those who want to have a quiet time. You can go for a walk or hop on a bike and enjoy the scenery. It also has public art installations, which are inspired by wood and of course, the ocean. In the morning, the crisp sea breeze from the powerful Pacific Ocean will greet you, and in the evening, the soft ambient lights will take you to a dreamy world you will never forget.

timg (1).jpeg

Chu Lu Ranch
Opened in 1973, this 70-hectare slope land has Holstein cows that produce 500 tonnes of milk annually. Aside from its country vibe (which you will surely appreciate) and pleasant weather, you can also enjoy drinking tea in its outdoor tea shop, strolling in the maple trail, grass surfing, horse back riding and riding horse-drawn carriages. If you want to experience an ecological and cultural trip, this should be on your destination list.

Jhaorih or Zhaori Hot Spring
Being one of the only three hot springs with seawater, it’s no wonder why this is so famous. It has outdoor pools where tourists can pamper themselves while enjoying the mild weather and the calming sound of the waves. On rainy days, visitors can enjoy the indoor hot spring spas. And the best thing? Because of it faces the Pacific Ocean, you get the best sunrise view.

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