5 Restaurants That You Must Eat in Jakarta

As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta had been widely known as an international city, where many cultures from around the world had been gathering around at this one exclusive place. With lots of food options to be chosen, Jakarta is never failing when it comes to satisfying people’s hungry belly. From humble traditional local foods until international cuisines, here we will take you to the top five restaurants in Jakarta that are worthy to visit for, during your stay in here.


Paulaner Brauhaus
After hundreds of years of Dutch colonisation in Jakarta, European cuisines had become one of the most attractive food scenes that people like to go. For the beer lovers, sausage eaters, and pork fans, Paulaner Brauhaus located in Grand Indonesia might be the best place to enjoy exquisite German cuisine. Its signature dish, called as Paulaner platter, is consisted of German sausage, meatloaf, and crispy pork knuckle that will leave you begging for more. The platter is just a heavenly combination. Overall the foods were great. The ambience of the place is nice and comfortable with great view of skyscrapers, which is a perfect place for hangout. With serene live music and dim lights, having romantic dinner with your loved ones in Paulaner Brauhaus is a must thing to do.


Bunga Rampai
Never go wrong with Indonesian food. Bunga Rampai serves an authentic Indonesian food in the heart of the city. There are plenty of selections from the menu, which covers popular dishes across Indonesia provinces. It serves Balinese, Javanese, Manado, Lombok cuisine and much more. Like any other Indonesia foods, the dishes have a rich flavour, and the beautiful plating your eyes will feast on. On the other hand, the interior design of the restaurant is very unique, since it combines old-fashioned style with a modern twist. The services are nice and it is a good place for you to hold birthday parties or a casual lunch with your friends.

The Café – Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta
The Café is the best buffet (All You Can Eat) restaurant in Jakarta, which located in the strategic business district of Senayan. You can enjoy the food from across nations, such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Western, Korean, and much more, all homely made by professional chefs. Besides that, they also serve fresh live seafood, assorted premium cheese and lastly lots of desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Therefore, visit this place to fulfil all your cravings of international cuisines.

Sushi Masa
Sushi Masa is undoubtedly crowned as the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Located at Penjaringan, North Jakarta, hidden between port style warehouse, finding this place will make you feel like you found a treasure. The interior of the restaurant is simple with a glimpse of nature touch from wooden ornaments, which brings up the homey ambience in this restaurant. Try the famous Otoro (pink fatty tuna), and Salmon Belly Aburi which are their signature dishes, and you will know why people love to visit this restaurant so much. Even though it is a bit pricey compared to other Japanese restaurants in the city, but the freshness and flavours of the food are incomparable.

This photo of Namaaz Dining is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Namaaz Dining
This fine dining restaurant serves a molecular gastronomy private dining. The food is an Indonesian cuisine with a bit of twist. It cost around IDR 1,250,000 (±USD 95). The price is a bit expensive when compare to other restaurants in Jakarta, but with that price, one can experience an unforgettable culinary journey. You can get around 17 courses of meal that what you see is not what you get. The 17-course meal is served in small portion but surprisingly fulfilling.

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dsc_4705-jpg Hello, I’m Jenica from Indonesia.  As a law student in progress, studying law can sometimes become really boring.  That’s why I always like to wander around and exploring new, unusual places to relieve some tension.  I also like to capture my experience through lenses and especially from writing, because it helps me to create memories that will last forever, yet it can also enjoy by a lot of people.  Meanwhile, if I don’t have time to travel, you can find me easily at the markets while trying delicious street foods from various local food stalls.  Nasi goreng, rendang, and martabak are my all time favourite that will never be replaced with anything. For me, diet always starts tomorrow so  let’s enjoy the life to the fullest!  If you want to know more about me, drop me an email now.


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