Delicious Dim Sum in Hong Kong

While travelling to Hong Kong, don’t forget to spend some time to try the infamous dish of Dim Sum. Originated from Guang Dong, China, Dim Sum is a series of various small portion dishes presented in a bamboo steamer. Often linked with yum cha, which is the act of drinking tea, eating dim sum won’t be completed without having tea as the drinks. In Hong Kong, you can find Dim Sum everywhere from humble street foods until five-stars restaurants. Because of its exceedingly diverse variations that dim sum has, we conclude top five types of Dim Sum to help you start on your culinary journey. Be careful, once you have tried dim sum, you will never stop eating it.


Cha Siu bao (Cantonese barbeque pork-filled bun)
Before you start the meal, you gonna break the bao, specifically the Cha Siu bao. There two types of cha siu bao: steamed and baked, steam cha siu bao has white exterior like mantau or baozi, while baked cha siu bao, its gonna has a special golden brown colour and its glaze with flavour. It is the bun that put yeast or baking powder in it, to make it fluffy. The filling itself exist diced pork tenderloin and mixed into a syrupy mixture. Eating Cha siu bao is like eating candy bacon.

timg (3)

Shumai is also referred to as “pork and mushroom dumpling” in Cantonese shumai. The other variation is when Shumai made from pork and shrimp mixture and wrap in a wonton wrapper. The filling is consisting the meat and seafood as in the menu and also added some of the chinese sauce in the mixture. In Chinese shumai, they used the Chinese black mushroom as a choice in the filling. The centre of the shumai usually garnishes with crab roe or diced carrot as a decorative presentation.

timg (1).jpeg

Ha gao (Crystal shrimp dumpling)
Ha gao is a traditional Cantonese dumpling. This is very difficult dim sum to make the crystal skin. Ha gao is often served together with shumai. The skin is transparent and so smooth. Based on the skin, the dim sum chef skill will be judged based on how thin and translucent the skin is, but yet steady and not break when it picked up with the chopstick. The filling of the dumpling should be generous. The most important are it must be cooked well, to bring the juiciness of the shrimp and also avoiding the shrimps for becoming lumpy.

timg (4)

Xiaolongbao (Steamed Basket Bun)
Xiaolongbao is smooth, tender, and some kind of translucent dumpling. It is different from white and fluffy steamed bun made by raised flour referred to a baozi. Traditionally xiaolongbao filled with minced pork. Another variant is used other meat, seafood, even vegetables as a filling. Inside the wrapping contain meat filling alongside its cubes gelatin-gelled aspic. The heat from the steaming process turns the solid cube gelatin-gelled aspic into a delicious soup. To eat the xiaolongbao usually dipped in black vinegar with a thin fine slice of ginger to make the taste more succulent.

timg (2)

Fengzhao (Chicken feet)
Perhaps the most visually unappealing or appealing, it depends on who you are, the chicken feet. Some people said that chicken feet are a delicacy of Chinese cuisine. In Hong Kong, chicken feet typically steam to make it soft before its simmer with a special characteristic sauce contains: black fermented beans, bean paste, sugar or in abalone sauce. Sometimes the sauce added by drops of chilli oil, to make the heat and more taste of the chicken feet.


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