What do you need to be prepared for an Oversea Marathon?

In 2016, Ladyredot wrote an article about 2016 Hottest International Marathon  and this year I took part in Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon 2017. It wasn’t a half or full but quarter marathon (10KM) in Taipei City. The starting point is at The Presidential Office Building and end at Dajia River Park.

pic 1

I started my preparation 2 months before the actual day. I trained myself at a steady speed of 8min/KM. Knowing your body well is vital even though this is not the best optimal speed. To those who are keen to participate in an overseas run, train well and hard!

Packing the right running clothes 

I have done a pre-checked of the weather forecast and it was very cold in February. I have consulted some friends who are experienced running in such temperature on what to prepare. Many of them advised me, I do not need to worry as when I run, my body will get warm up. This is not true! The wind is so chilly and temperature is at 12 degree. Luckily, I wore a Uniqlo Heat Tech Extra Warm underneath the running top with a Windbreaker Jacket. Of course, long running tights is essential rather than running shorts.

pic 2.jpg

The Right Food 

I reach Taipei 3 days before the marathon. Taipei is a food heaven that no one could possibly disagree. I went to Rou He Night Market, Jiu Fen Old Street and Xi Men Ding.

pic 3 - Rou Hepic 4 - Jiu Fenpic 5 - xi men ding


I tried to control myself from having Mala Steamboat (Spicy Hot Pot) so as to not cause any stomach discomfort during the entire trip (especially before the run). Some of my personal recommendations:

  1. Yong He Soya Bean, No. 102, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 – Legendary local Taiwan Breakfast (must tried the warm soya bean milk and egg pancake)
  2. Ya Rou Bian (Duck Noodle), No. 98之2號, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108 – I preferred to have this for breakfast. It warms my tummy in the cold weather. The soup is clear and tasty.
  3. Addiction Aquatic Development, No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104 – I am a Japanese Food Fan, hence coming here is like going to Tsukiji Fish Market. You can get fresh sashimi, sushi, uni (my favourite!) and grilled Japanese food. Before I forget, grab a bottle of sake. It goes perfectly well.

pic 6 - addiction aquatic development

The run is on Sunday, 12th. I brought 3 in 1 Instant Milo and Cereal Bar from Singapore for an early morning breakfast at 4am. It gives me the energy needed as the marathon is starting at 6.30am. Having the right food, gives you the confidence to complete the run.

pic 7pic 8


Having the Right Mind and Attitude 

This is my first 10KM Marathon. To many, it might seem easy. To some, it might be challenging. I joined with an open and positive mindset. Running an oversea marathon is one of the tasks I want to achieve in my Achievement List (similar to my Skydiving experience in November 2016 – Pg. 77).

pic 9.jpg

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You will discover the power of self-motivation and determination once you set your mind to it. Now, I am a proud 10KM Finisher!

pic 10.JPG

Do you have a bucket list to complete like Irene? If yes, talk to us now at askus@ladyredot.com to explore how we can help you to strike off that list!

IreneHi, I’m Irene. Born as a Sagittarius and living in the South of Singapore, I have been working in the Information Technology as a Business Product Manager for 8 years. Enjoying my scope that allows the challenge of learning new things every day as my role demands frequent business travels all over the globe. I have an adventurous bold soul that nothing can tie me down. When I am not sweating it out, I can be found chilling at a corner of any café, bury my head in a Sales Strategy or a Poem book, whatever my mood takes me. Besides being a yoga and gym enthusiast, my passion for traveling and planning travel itineraries show through friends who encourage me to share my travel experiences with others. Reach out to me @ irene@ladyredot.com for amazing impromptu ideas for your next trip abroad!


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