Best Backdrop for Photoshoot in Melbourne

The best way to stole every photographer’s heart is by taking them to places that have great spots for capturing pictures. Combining serene nature landscapes with vibrant diverse attractions, Melbourne offers plenty of places to choose from for adding those fresh feeds on your Instagram. Just get your camera and prepare yourself to hunt down since we present you six cool places in Melbourne that have the best backdrop for photoshoot. Have a great time wandering around!

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  1. Brighton Beach

Brighton is one of Melbourne’s most exclusive suburbs, located only 11 km from south-east of Melbourne’s central business district. With abundant amount of sunshine, golden sands, and strong breezy waves, no wonder it is always full by the visitors during weekend. For seeing its famous photo spot, head to Port Philip Bay where you can find 82 vibrant bathing boxes that have been existed since hundreds of years ago.   Constructed in Victorian architectural style, these bathing boxes are set up lining the foreshore at Brighton Beach. Each of those bathing boxes are decorated differently with the other, so there are no same looks can be found. You can choose whatever bathing boxes you like and simply reminiscing yourself back to the old times from posing pictures at there.

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  1. Flinders Railway Station

As Melbourne’s famous city’s landmark attraction, it is a must to spend some time for visiting Flinders Railway Station. In fact, this 100 year old train terminus is still known as doing its function to connect the city’s north and south part, making it as one of the city’s famous meeting places. Built in 1854, Flinder Railways Station comprises of highly historical architectural values under the influence of classic Renaissance style. Don’t forget to take some shoots under the tall clock tower since generations of Melburnians have deemed this iconic clocks for a long time, and using it as their meeting point by starting the expression of “meet me under the Clocks”.

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  1. Laneway Alley

Explore Melbourne like locals by taking a stroll to the main streets and dig through into Melbourne’s varieties of laneways. It is a city’s labyrinths filled with hidden surprises, where you will discover lots of food scenes, from high-end dining, late night bites, until humble family restaurants that serve great cuisines that feasts your eyes and appetite. Start off from Flinders Lane, where you can have a taste of exotic cuisines from India and Peru, then later head on to little Chinatown’s in Bourke Street for having a nice succulent xiao long bao. Those streets have a lot of great moments to be captured, especially if you are interested in food-photography.

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  1. Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is one of the famous laneway in Melbourne for its colorful street arts and graffiti. Pointed as the icon of Melbourne’s youth generations, the laneway showcase itself as a center hub of local and international artists to express their feelings through arts.   Take in to the wonderful journey of looking through fascinating colors, shapes, and characters from stencils and paste-ups until complicated installations. It made every picture taken in here are screaming exciting stories to tell. Since the arts are always changing, do visit Hosier Lane more than once, because every visit to Hosier Lane will never be the same.

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  1. The Docklands

Adjacent to the Melbourne’s Central Business District, Docklands is an integrated area of government offices that is famous for the home of several Melbourne’s modern landmarks. Along with high density housing and the busy lifestyle of a metropolitan city, Docklands offers many attractions that hardly to be miss. The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is a great spot to capture Melbourne city skyline in a different perspective of height. On the other hand, for those who are interested in modern sculptures, visiting Monument Park at New Quay will give an interesting backdrop to your photos. Lastly, when the game is on, capture every swift movements of those football players in Etihad Stadium, especially during the Australian Football League.

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  1. Carlton Gardens

Carlton Garden is a perfect oasis of natures in the middle of the city. Enlisted as a World Heritage Site, Carlton Garden is an escape place to unwind and settle down from the hustle bustle of city life. This 26-hectare site are neatly decorated with various trees such as English oaks, cedars, conifers, and combined with beautiful flower beds. Best time to visit is during the fall season, since you can witness the falling leaves while strolling around with your loved ones. The garden has a romantic ambience that hard to resist when it comes on taking couple photos together.

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dsc_4705-jpg Hello, I’m Jenica from Indonesia.  As a law student in progress, studying law can sometimes become really boring.  That’s why I always like to wander around and exploring new, unusual places to relieve some tension.  I also like to capture my experience through lenses and especially from writing, because it helps me to create memories that will last forever, yet it can also enjoy by a lot of people.  Meanwhile, if I don’t have time to travel, you can find me easily at the markets while trying delicious street foods from various local food stalls.  Nasi goreng, rendang, and martabak are my all time favourite that will never be replaced with anything. For me, diet always starts tomorrow so  let’s enjoy the life to the fullest!  If you want to know more about me, drop me an email now.


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