Heritage Walk and Food Tour in Little India, Singapore

Ladyredot, co-founder, Irene is honoured to be invited by Monster Day Tours to participate in their Little India Walk and Foodie Express tour. Little India is one of Singapore ethic district where it is filled with rich North and South Indian culture.

Being a Singaporean, I have not been to Little India except for Mustafa, where it is a 24 hours shopping mall. [P.S: You can actually get anything (food, daily essentials, imported brands etc.) there]

We gathered together with other invited guests at 10am in the morning at Little India MRT, Exit E. It was very enjoyable; meeting different partners like Beds & Dreams Inn and other lifestyle bloggers. Dani, is a very cheerful, energetic and passion about her job. She is our tour guide, who previously works in a hotel industry. Together with Yap, tour assistance, who is equally enthusiastic in guiding the group and sharing information about what we eat and see. You can see from the pictures, they actually wore the traditional India costumes – Men, Achkan and Women, Shalwar Kameez.

Tour Guide, Monster Day Tours SingaporeMurals, Little India Singapore

There are many beautiful painted Murals along streets of Little India. The murals are all related to Indian culture. Watch out for them the next time you stepped into Little India!

The first attraction is Former House of Tan Teng Niah. It is a colourful 2 storey villa, a former house of last surviving Chinese, who owned several sweet-making factories along Serangoon Road and rubber business. He is also the first to create a five-foot way (five feet wide space for pedestrians to walk) around the estate.

IMG_9151Little India, Singapore

Monster Day Tours have done many types of research and trial walks around Little India. They found a HDB Block 668 where you can get a bird’s eye view of Singapore city area – Bugis, Beach Road, City Hall and Raffles Place. This is my favourite spot to take Insta-worthy pictures.

Singapore, City

After 45 minutes of touring Little India, we reached the first food spot – Komala Vilas. They are set up in Singapore since 1947 and have become a household name till today. They offer authentic Indian cuisine at a very reasonable price. It serves both South and North Indian food which gives the best of both options to patrons like myself who loves to taste as many as possible in one place.

Komala Vilas, Little India, Singapore

Monster Day Tours have prepared for us 3 dishes to share among the different tables and each a cup of Masala Tea. We have Dosai Meal, Bhattura and Poori Set. They are made of flour and comes with different vegetarian dipping sauce. The only difference is the cooking method. As a first timer to Indian cuisine (other than Roti Prata), it’s indeed a great start for the day to have such delicious and fulfilling brunch. “It’s really yummy!”

Komala Vilas, Little India, SingaporeKomala Vilas, Little India, Singapore

Yap, went around each table to give the history of Komala and explain what Masala tea is made of. The tea has five basic spices: cardamom, ginger, clove, black pepper and cinnamon. It is very fragrant and leaves a sweet aftertaste. One thing to add on, their home made Bundung – rose syrup drink is the best in Singapore (so far) I have tried. Do give it a try before you leave the restaurant.

Komala Vilas, Little India, SingaporeKomala Vilas, Little India, SingaporeKomala Vilas, Little India, Singapore

Next, we head to the highlight of this tour, which is a secret destination that Monster Day Tour did not reveal in the itinerary. I shall leave this as a top secret. You be surprised to know that such attraction is found in Little India. Do join the walking tour to find out where!

We then continued to Indian Heritage Centre. It is a new building that opened in 2015 and there are many art & cultural tours available. Around the centre, there are many shops selling Indian costumes, accessories, home decorations and tibits. We got a box of tradition Indian sweets and biscuits. The traditional Indian sweets are mainly made with sugar, milk or condensed milk and flavoured with almonds, pistachios and nuts. It’s exceptionally sweet. Beware if you are not a sweet tooth person.

Little India, Singapore

The final destination is at Tekka Hawker Centre, where it is a 3 storey building. In the first level, it is a wet market, the second level is a hawker centre and the third level is a dry market where it sells mainly clothing, dried food and accessories. Part of this tour is to taste 10 different local Indian food. Hence, Monster Day Tours team have prepared Mee Rebus, Mee Soto, Mee Siam, Nasi Brani, Satay and Indian Rojak.

Tekka Centre, SingaporeTekka Centre, Singapore

Dani gives the group information on how the food is prepared and their uniqueness. Personally, I love Mee Soto and Satay. They scouted around to find the best stall in this hawker. Tekka Hawker Centre food is also one of the cheapest hawker in Singapore. Do come with an empty stomach and get a taste of all the delicious local food.

Tekka Centre, Singapore

I am grateful that I spent a wonderful Saturday morning with Monster Day Tours, knowing more about Singapore and our Indian culture. I would like to Thank You their CEO, TY for this invitation.

Travel Partners, SingaporeTravel Partners, Singapore

Should you be interested in joining any of their tours, you can visit their website for more information.

Free Walking Tour** –

Chinatown: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9.30am to 12noon

Little India: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 9.30am to 12noon

Foodie Express Tour** – SGD$29 per pax

Chinatown: Every Sunday, 1pm to 4pm

Little India: Every Saturday, 1pm to 4pm

**Rain or Shine event

Ladyredot is a partner of Monster Day Tours, do quote ” LRQUOTE10 ” for a 10% off in your booking.

As a personal travel planner, we can assist in your itinerary when you visit Singapore. Do contact us at askus@ladyredot.com for more details.

“This is not a sponsored post. The tour is to allow travel partners to understand Singapore culture and join in the fun.”

IreneHi, I’m Irene. Born as a Sagittarius and living in the South of Singapore, I have been working in the Information Technology as a Business Product Manager for 8 years. Enjoying my scope that allows the challenge of learning new things every day as my role demands frequent business travels all over the globe. I have an adventurous bold soul that nothing can tie me down. When I am not sweating it out, I can be found chilling at a corner of any café, bury my head in a Sales Strategy or a Poem book, whatever my mood takes me. Besides being a yoga and gym enthusiast, my passion for travelling and planning travel itineraries show through friends who encourage me to share my travel experiences with others. Reach out to me @ irene@ladyredot.com for amazing impromptu ideas for your next trip abroad!


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