Burma’s Rising Capital

Naypyitaw, the roughly 12-year old nation capital of Burma, has been called many things since it was created. A ghost town, a post-apocalyptic suburb. Its 16-lane roads are vast and endless, and apparently unused by motorists or pedestrians. The larger-than-life mansions and villas that look uninhabited. You could hear a host of negative things about Burma’s relatively new capital, all of which will discourage you from even thinking of the name of the place.

Or you could hear another view: Naypyitaw is awesome. Yes, the place is quiet, and yes, it looks like actual living beings are scarce, but Naypyitaw is awesome. You can’t let that turn you away from visiting one of the most beautiful nation capitals in the world now, will you?

Naypyitaw – Not Isolated: Surrounded

The city is said to be isolated on all sides for at least fifty miles around (verification needed about that), but Naypyitaw is actually strategically located between Rangoon, the former capital, and Mandalay (verification provided).

Naypyitaw is also a part of another town called Pyinmana, which is another place you should visit in Burma. It is a lovely historic town with teak and brick edifices and shady, leafy lanes.

With the number of residents increasing, mosques have been built, and there is also a Catholic Church in the city if you really need to go to church.

Naypyitaw – No Ghost Town

People actually live and work in the new capital, and, despite the fact that there is seemingly no traffic, the roads are used by people coming and going in trucks or on motorcycles.

Naypyitaw – There is Food!

Where there are people, you will always find food. Restaurants are thriving in the new capital, with several options to choose from, depending on your tastes and your pockets.

The Santino Café is a restaurant and bakery mix that serves a broad spectrum of dishes, including Japanese, Thai, European, Chinese, and American.

Maw Khan Nong 2 lets you enjoy bowls of delicious Shan noodles with a cold beer on the outdoor terrace.

You can visit the YKKO to sample their noodles: they are to die for. What’s more, your dining options are all in the same area, so you can’t get lost.

Naypyitaw – Not a Boring Moment

There are places to go and things to see in the new capital for everyone. History buffs can visit the museum to see the rich culture and history of Burma, or go to the Uppatasanti Pagoda, a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, which is filled four jade Buddha images facing the four directions, and carved reliefs showing scenes from Gautama Buddha’s past lives.

Love nature? Visit the Naypyitaw Zoological Gardens, and the Safari Park, which has many species animals, including the rare white tiger.

Naypyitaw – Who Said You Can’t Stay?

There are several hotels operating in Naypyitaw, including the Hilton, which has rooms with a ore international feel to them; Kempinski, built with classic Bamar-style wood carving and roofed walkways; and the Lake Garden MGallery Collection, whose on site restaurants are among the best in the city.

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Hi, I’m Kally. A Singaporean who has been relocated twice, first to Shanghai, now based in Kuala Lumpur. I have always been the avid traveller since young. I had my passport made even before I went to primary school! I travel extensively during my free time, either on tour groups or backpacking around Europe and all within the recent years. I am exposed to many different cultures and places, which allow me, to have the ability to look at many things and situation from various angles. Having gained 20 years of corporate world, I decided it is time for me to hang up my briefcase and heels to indulge my passion: Writing and Traveling. The two passions that give me pure enjoyment and liberation. As much as I enjoy traveling and writing, I strive on assisting people in making their lives easier. This is evidently shown in MiddleMe.net where I am the founder and editor. Allow me @ kally@ladyredot.com to help you to pen down your next trip abroad!


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