Our Partners

Monster Day Tours was founded in late 2016. Our aim is to provide a unique tour experience for all travellers, which led to the idea of creating a series of special interest tours in Singapore.

Every traveller is special to us, we take pride in giving our very best to our customers . Our tours are simple and straight-forward, yet it will provide you with an unique experience that is unlike any other traditional tours.

We at Trekeffect bring in the solutions: for the first time ever, you are able to unify all aspects of travel planning under one app. You can research destinations and attractions, book flights and hotels, car rentals and much more. You can plan an itinerary by yourself or with your friends, and share this information with anyone you want, in any way you want. Trekeffect is your plane to fast forward your research and give you enough time to prepare, pack and calmly choose the places you want to visit. We’re all about revolutionizing travel planning. If there is a problem, we provide a solution, always meeting your travel planning needs.