Curious about us and our services?

Here are more answers to fulfil your questions.

1. Who is LadyRedot?
You can find out about us here!

2. What services do LadyRedot provide?
We offer bespoke travel planning to satisfy the needs of wanderlust folks whom like us, wants more out of their travel plans than the current travel agencies are offering.

You can find out our different packages to suit your needs here!

3. Why bespoke? 
Why have “one size fit all” when you are an individual with your own goals, your own dreams? These days, you can customise your healthcare, your smart phone, your Facebook page, so why don’t you customise your experience when you travel? No longer should you pay to fit yourself into a cooke cutter travel package.

4. I can plan for myself so why should I pay?
Because your time is precious.

Instead of spending time on your computer or your mobile, searching for the best prices in flights, accommodation, attraction, you could spend your time with your loved ones and family. Instead of comparing from one hotel website to another or going through hundreds of reviews just to find out that particular attraction is closed during your travel period. We have been there, it is frustrating.

Leave the frustration to us. Because you can.

5. I can take my friend’s itinerary and make changes…
Yes, you can but do remember your friend and you are different, with different desires when traveling. If you end up making 50% changes in the itinerary, you are better off planning one your own or engage us!

6. What is the difference between you and other travel planning websites?
We listen with our ears and hear with our heart. We live by our slogan “We Plan Memories” because we want you to have more than just an experience, we want you to have beautiful reflections.

We don’t use bots or algorithms and take chances on creating memories. You will be assigned to a specialist who has personally been to the country you are going to travel to.

7. So how can I reach out to you?
You can fill up the information at the top right button “Travel Enquiry” or email us at askus@ladyredot.com for one of our specialists to get in touch with you within 48 hours.

8. What happens then? 
Our specialist will offer a detailed questionnaire to you for us to understand your expectations and wishes better. From the initial consultation, we will advice the suitable package for you.

Upon payment, we will start researching and customising your itinerary.

9. What are your payment methods? 
Currently, we offer Paypal and bank transfer (only if you are in Singapore). We are working very hard to move towards other form of payment methods for your convenience.

10. What do I expect from you?
You will receive a detailed itinerary on a hour by hour and a day by day activities, with a price, location, destination, meal and transportation information. We will include personal tips and tricks in your itinerary as well. In addition, you will also receive a pocket sized minimised version of the detailed itinerary.

11. What if I change my mind or I don’t wish to travel anymore after I pay? 
Should that happens, we will assess on a case by case basis. You may wish to refer to our Terms & Conditions.

 12. I have more questions…
You can always reach us at askus@ladyredot.com and we’ll be happy to answer them!