Singapore Changi Airport Opens its 4th Terminal

One of the many things that I’m proud of being a Singaporean, is our World Class Award Winning – Changi Airport. I have the chance to visit the new Terminal 4 in August 2017. It is going to open on 31 October 2017 officially for operation.

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The new terminal is 225,000m2, which is the size of 27 football fields. It is half the physical size of Terminal 3 but able to handle 16 million passengers a year – about 70 per cent of Terminal 3’s handling capacity.

As Singapore is progressing into Smart Nation, most of the check in processes are going to be automated and self-help; leveraging on the use of technologies and digital innovation.

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After check in, I came into an area where there is an Immerse Wall showing a pane of high definition video of introducing some of Asia Countries with its unique representatives. I believe it does helps me to relax when there is a long queue for bags and body scan.

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In the Departure Hall, other than the usual duty free shops and restaurants, you feel very different from other terminals. Changi Airport Group has immerse Art and Peranakan Heritage culture as one of the focus architecture design in the new terminal. There is a Love Story Play that compose by Singapore own song-writer Dick Lee where you can sit back and enjoy while waiting to take off.

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As you continue to explore around, you get to see some artistic figures like The Travelling Family, an aluminium sculpture by Swiss artist, Kurt Lawrence Metzler and Petalclouds, a grand-scale kinetic sculpture. Quite a usual sight in an airport.

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The first airline that be taking off in Terminal 4 is Cathay Pacific. Others joining are Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Spring Airlines. Hence, the next flight, see you at Changi Airport Terminal 4.

I have quite an enjoyable open house, learning so much about the new terminal. Before I missed out, do watch out for the cleaning auto-bots. They are pretty awesome and adorable. Be sure to spend some time exploring the new terminal!

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How to Avoid Paying Overweight Luggage Penalty

Apparently, to avoid overweight while packing for your trip, get a scale and weight exactly as how your air ticket allows. But often, we do not have a scale with us, or even if we do…there just so many things to pack or to carry from the trip. So, take a look at this “cheat sheet” and save your wallet a big chunk of money.

Always check your luggage allowance and the airline rules
Often, when you buy a low-cost airline ticket, check in luggage is not included, but you can always upgrade so pack first and see how much you need to top up your luggage up to 48 hours prior to departing. Most of the airline services will provide 2 bags allowance.

Wear a multi-pocket jacket to the airport
I know it can be crazily hot out there but a multi-pocket jacket can really give you some extra space. Sometimes, hand carry luggage just not enough to cover your souvenir shopping, the pockets become life saviour for tucking those little things in.


Heavy items go into hand carry bag
When packing, ensure some heavy clothes are packed on top, it is easier to pull them out and wear on your body or hold some if you have a few kg on top of your allowance. While all your checked bags are weighted strictly, the hand carry ones are easier to sneak through the customs. Maximise the space in your hand carry bags, most airlines allow 1 hand carry, 1 handbag or 1 laptop bag so even if you have that little notebook, have a big bag with you and tuck some extra items in.

Free items, pay attention to them
It’s good to learn that certain items that are given free weight allowances, like child’s strollers, car seats, and certain medical items. These items, again, have wonderful extra storage space, that nobody really checks. So next time when travelling with your children, you can make full use of that extra space in the stroller to store their necessities rather than in the luggage.


Get the right luggage
Back then, the luggage bags could easily make up 10 kg of your precious allowance, but it no longer that way. Thanks to the super light materials, there are so many options for you to get a proper bag, which weight as low as 1 – 2 kg. So consider investing in proper travelling bags that are lightweight and hardy.

If there is still 10 kg need to fit in
Oh dear, if you can’t leave anything out, consider using courier shipping services for your items rather than paying extra at the airport. So I assume in this case, you have a scale and know exactly your overweight number; go ahead pack them separately and send them home. Make sure the things you about to ship are those you will not be desperate if they get missing on the way. It takes a little while more to receive the items but it is better to wait for the items to arrive rather than to pay the penalty.


Finally, though you are armed with all the above tactics, it is still the best to pack within the limit. For more tips and tricks like this article, subscribe to us to get the latest updates in your mailbox!

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How to Survive a 12-hour Flight

The aeroplane is one of the most common modes of transportation. Whether you’re going somewhere 2 hours away or 12 hours away, most of the time, the best way to go is by a flight. However, flights can be dreadful, much less a long one. So how do you make sure you stay relaxed at the end of a long flight? We have listed some tips for you.


Reserve your seats in advance
It may cost you an amount of money, but you will thank yourself for spending on specific seats. You will be on a plane for 12 hours, so you have to make sure that your seat is the most comfortable seat for you. You do not want to get leg cramps for sitting too long with a bad posture because of a lack of space, right?


Pack your weapons
I am not talking about guns and ammo. I am talking about weapons to fight boredom. If you know that you will be on a long flight, do not forget to put something that will entertain you in your carry-on bag. It could be a good book, or a tasteful magazine, handheld gaming console, your phone, your laptop (all on airplane mode), a sketch pad, a notepad, etc. So go ahead, remind yourself to pick your weapon and make sure it’s worthwhile.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.54.12 PM

Wear clothes appropriate for the temperature in the plane
If you’re going somewhere humid, but will be on a 12-hour flight to get there, hold off that temptation to wear clothes made of lightweight fabrics just yet. Cabin temperature is always cold, so you’d want to wear comfortable clothing that will protect you from the cold. Try layering so you can just take off pieces once you feel a little bit too warm.


Prepare some snacks you can munch on
Make sure these are dried goods so you can put them in your carry-on. Anything that’s liquid or in gel form may have to be checked-in.


Do not just sit all throughout the flight
Get up every two to three hours. You have to make sure you maintain good blood circulation by walking or stretching every once in a while. Remember, sitting too long is harmful wherever you may be.


Relax and do not be afraid to catch some z’s
When you’re on a long flight, you’ll realise that your travel pillow and blanket are your best friends. A 12-hour flight means being on a plane for an entire day or night, so make sure to use the opportunity to your advantage. Get enough rest and sleep so you’ll be fully charged when you arrive at your destination – ready to explore!


Lastly, do not forget to enjoy the scenery
Clouds and stars are not the only things you’ll see from up above. The magnificent ocean, occasional spots of lands that are actually islands, cargo ships that look like ants, city lights, etc. are always amazing to look at. Look out the window, there’s a lot to see!

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Best Airports for layovers

If you have no choice with a direct flight and need a layover, one tip is to pick an airport of your choice for layovers. The better the airport, the less you will feel the long wait and in fact, you might even wish your layover is even longer! Trust me on this!


Changi Airport, Singapore

There is a reason why this airport kept winning the top airport in the world award year by year. 365 days, they kept overdoing themselves, topping other countries with ease. With a butterfly garden, free movie theatres, and a 40-foot, swirling slide that’s the tallest in Singapore, Changi feels more like Alice’s modern-day Wonderland than an airport. Passengers can also take a refreshing dip in the airport’s Balinese-themed rooftop swimming pool.


Heathrow Airport, London

The terminal houses an 11,000-square-foot Harrods and 105 restaurants. It is the only airport in the world that provides passengers with onboard picnics from a host of restaurants that will pack up a meal for you to take on the next leg of your journey. I love that you actually can engage a butler or a personal shopper to help you to navigate around the huge mall in the airport.


Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

One of my personal favourites, the Dubai International Airport! As much as you can grab a day room at the Dubai International Hotel for a shower, a nap and a trip to the pool, gym, steam, sauna and Jacuzzi. The best part about this airport is that it never closes and the shopping never end. The longest layover I had in this airport is about 8 hours but I can’t get enough of shopping this airport. The best part of shopping here is that they accept all kinds of major currency and their exchange rates are pretty great.


Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Haneda was rated one of the world’s most punctual airports by CNN. Grab a bowl of ramen or platter of sushi, browse the free Internet in one of the many comfortable seating areas, or take a visit to the high-tech restrooms, which have heated toilet seats.

By Håkan Dahlström - originally posted to Flickr as SFO international terminal, CC BY 2.0,

By Håkan Dahlström – originally posted to Flickr as SFO international terminal, CC BY 2.0,

San Francisco International Airport

There is a museum in the airport itself and they host interesting art, science, and cultural exhibits, while a branch of the Steinhart Aquarium has aquatic wildlife from around the world. Now that for me 5 hours will be barely enough for me to cover the museum itself, let alone catching my tea break.



Incheon International Airport, South Korea

With a day spa, cinema, ice skating ring and a concert hall, it would be hard to say you have nothing to do here. And they also have a 0.0001% baggage mishandling rate. That’s WOW!

Anyone has great airports to share? Come share your find with us at the comments!

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