Must-know Hacks to Enjoy the Forbidden City

During the October holidays, teeming crowds turn up at the historical site for an exotic travel experience into the Satan’s pit. For most of the Beijing residents’ going to the Forbidden City is out of question throughout the holidays. Even all through the busiest of weeks, below are some tricks that can make visiting the Forbidden City more tolerable when not pleasant.

  1. Plan for an early morning visit: The ticket sales limit is 80,000 a day. This may seem like its a lot but during special exhibitions and holidays but the possibility of the tickets selling out by early on in the afternoon is very high.

(Advanced Tip: A reservation system is available online and you can book at most 10 tickets for a group except you need to have someone who reads Chinese – or you can do so yourself – and even have a payment method like Zhifubao or Alipay.)


  1. Skip Mao: About 90% of the tourists approach Forbidden City via Tiananmen to the south. Getting here for an exotic travel experience often requires that you pass through rather long lines to get to the security checks. In order to avoid these, use the west or east entrance. Pay the entrance fee and walk into the park to the east side. This will get you to ticketing area right outside the Forbidden City main entrance. However, you will need to queue for the museum security checks so you can go inside.
  2. Stay away from the crowded area: Most visitors follow the same route right into the center of Forbidden City. Stay away from the crowded places and rather explore the interesting parts by turning right or left. When you walk along the wall going towards the East Gate, you will come to a fascinating and quiet museum of the palace architecture. Down the stairs near the East Gate as if going back towards the courtyard you will find the Literary Flourishing Hall which is a ceramic well-curated museum.


  3. Keep away the mid-axis: Make a point to visit Cining Gong and Shoukang Gong which was home to the emperor’s mother in 18 century. This is a functioning archaeological site which has sculpture displays that date back to more than 1,500 years. This includes terracotta soldiers loaned from Xi’an.
  4. Use an alternative exit: Officially, Forbidden City is to be exited through one way that is north-south. However, the transport options outside the northern gate are restricted to jam-packed buses and trishaw hustlers. You can, however, exit from the Donghuamen (east gate) which lets out into the quieter street which has better taxi options and is closer to the nearby subway. Should you be hungry, a division of Siji Minfu- a famous Beijing restaurant and TRB Bites are located outside the eastern gate.


  5. Remember to carry your passport: In 2015 new policies were enacted which require you to present a type of identification for every ticket purchased. The security personnel also look for lighters since it’s not advisable smoking inside the 600-old wooden palace.


One more last tip – always ask a local for the best time to visit China or you can always rely on us at If you have been to China, come and share your stories with us!


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5 Reasons You Should Visit Almaty

Kazakhstan is a cosmopolitan place that borders the cultural crossroads between Asia and Europe. The vast country stretches from China to the Caspian Sea. It is one of Asia’s diverse cultures where Russians and Kazakhs border the Ukrainians, Tatars, Uzbeks, Germans, and scores of other cultures mix harmoniously.


Almaty is the country’s financial and cultural center and custodian of the essence. It is also the biggest city falling short of being the capital city after the young flash rival, Astana. The town sits amazingly below the snow-capped peaks of Zailysky-Alatau Mountains. It is pleasantly green and very relaxed with fountains, fancy malls, black-windowed SUVs and busy and pretty busy boulevards. The town is modern and a sophisticated hub for booming petro-economy, one that has many surprises that make Almaty the focus of any tour around Kazakhstan.

  1. The wonderful ski spot fit for royalty

The ski resort of Shymbulak is about 30 minutes drive from the city. In 2014 the resort became famous in when Prince Harry and his then-girlfriend Cressida Bonas went skiing on the slopes. It is ritzy and the sunny, chilly winters guarantee varying good conditions and crispy cold snow well into the month of April. The ski lifts leopard-print cabins are painted so in honor of the snow leopards that are rarely seen roaming the mountains. The 4kmseries of ski lifts run up to 3180 meters Talgar pass.

  1. You get to enjoy yourself along the Silk Road


The bustling green bazaar market halls, filled with traders from across far as Korea to central Asia gather to hawk are a fantastic way to get familiar with the multifaceted ethnic mix of Kazakhstan. The foothills near Almaty are said to be home to the apple fruit, and it is said to massive proportions. Almaty translates to “father of the apple”.


  1. The impressive socialist architecture and art


Soviet War Memorial in Almaty looms vividly in front of the city’s former army command center. The city’s finest museum, Kasteyev State Arts Museum, was named after Abilkhan Kasteev-Kazakhs greatest painter. Along with the huge collection is the intriguing room dedicated to his depiction of life in the former Soviet era from portraits of the peasant life to the canvases of the fast developing landscape.

  1. The second tallest wooden building in the worldnki

Proudly standing in the leafy Panfilov Park is the Cathedral of the Holy Ascension; a mix of pastel-colored gables, a gilded dome and brightly painted tiles that rise 60m high. All built with no single nail.

  1. The Russian baths are the finest in Central Asia

The Arasan Bath’s complex in Almaty is the most highly styled bathhouse in this area. It was built in the early 1980s as a notable statement of the Soviet ambition. Pick your slippers, conical felt hat (shapka) and a towel and join fellow bathers in the fiercely hot Russian steam room (parilka). Bundles of birch or oak leaves (vyeniki) are used to thrash on each other. This wince-inducing practice is believed to improve circulation. From the parilka, you are to upturn over yourself a bucket of gasp-inducing cold water. To finish up a dip in cool plunge-pool under the domed atrium will leave you refreshed.

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food.

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Animal Lover Paradise

If you love animals, it is very important to interact and connect with them in an ethical way. While dolphin shows and huge aquariums are fairly common in some areas these days, some of them may do more harm than good. In this article, we have listed five places where you can enjoy the company of animals without harming them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.41.10 AM.png

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, New York
Located in New York, this rescue shelter believes that animals should be respected and treated with compassion. Guests can learn about the effects of eating meat from animals during their visit. They rescue, rehabilitate, and care for animals that most people know as food—goats, cows, chickens, and pigs. The best part is guests can even pet the beautiful creatures!

Okunoshima, Japan
Also known as the “rabbit island,” this small island has more than 300 wild rabbits that freely roam around and interact with visitors. It can be accessible by a ferry ride from Hiroshima. Aside from being surrounded by cuddly furry friends, the island is a resort and has camping grounds and swimming pools for use. If you love the furry creatures, this is a must-go-to destination!

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand
One of the many activities you can do in Thailand is ride elephants. Sadly, many of these elephants are abused to entertain human. Luckily, ENP or Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Chiang Mai, allows tourists to interact with elephants in an ethical way. You can volunteer and help them bathe and feed the gentle giants. All money earned by the organisation will go back to the elephants and to the local volunteers.


Serengeti in Tanzania
More than a million animals traverse through the Serengeti every single year. Here, you can witness an incalculable number of lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, zebras and so much more. This is truly a one of a kind experience!

Bear Rainforest Ship Safari in British Columbia, Canada
Bears may be “beasts” to some, but they are actually very intelligent and interesting creatures. Hop on a wooden schooner or tugboat and cruise through the Great Bear Rainforest where you can observe bears (and wolves, occasionally!) in their natural habitat. Bonus: a percentage of the profit goes to bear and whale conservation research.


Invernesshire, Scotland
Love dogs? You have to put this on your bucket list! Every year in July, the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland holds the Golden Retriever Festival or Guisachan Gathering in Scotland. Participants can enjoy the dog show and bond with more than 200 fluffy dogs! Heaven!

Senda Verde Animal Refuge and Eco-Resort in Yungas, Bolivia
Make your trip more worthwhile by volunteering at this animal refuge centre. You can care for parrots, turtles, bears, monkeys, wild cats, and more. The site uses solar energy to power the oven that is used to prepare food for the animals, and only sources local raw materials. This place is, on all levels, ethical!


Lougantai, Zhouzhi
It is without a doubt that pandas are lovable animals. I mean, just look at them! So cute and cuddly, ugh!!! Luckily for those who love pandas, Xi’an has a volunteer program that allows travellers to care for panda and interact with them. Guests can feed them, and of course, clean after them.

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The Essentials to Pack while Traveling in South East Asia

South East Asia is always the hot travel spot, that tourists worldwide flock around all year long. The seducing white-sand beaches, sunshine, delicious food, culture diverse and most important, the affordability. It is hard to refuse the temptation.

Packing is hard enough if you want to survive the humidity in the tropical South-East Asia. As someone who has lived all my life in summer, trust me if I say these are the essentials you will need to bring along.


The weather in SEA is always, always hot and humid, you sweat almost all the time unless you choose to snooze and stay in the air conditioned environment for your entire trip. So, something loose will do best, bring along your shorts, maxi dresses, baggy pants, button-up shirts, blouses, T-shirt or blouse will do. A small light jacket is necessary too, just in case. No need to bring the whole lot, the sun here will dry your clothes in no time, so a few pieces for mix and match are enough.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.04.47 PM.png

A pair of flip-flop and sneakers will do, unless you are into trekking or mountain climbing, then get your hiking shoes as well. If you likely to walk a lot, get the shoes that you feel most comfortable walking for like 12 hours or so. Don’t forget the pretty socks too.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.06.29 PM.png

Glasses and sun hats, of course, to look cool while posing for a photo and more importantly, to protect you from the glaring sun.

A light scarf too, is a must if you are going to visit the temples and mosques in your itinerary, bring a scarf to save you the “rental cost” for cover up you will need to enter these premises. In addition, due to the quick temperature change in and outside of the AC environment, a scarf will keep you from freezing while inside the public transportation or shopping malls.

Another must have item is a bum bag, it is easier to carry while shopping or going for adventure tours. Plus, it is safer to keep your valuable things near you while wandering around the streets. Snatch theft is everywhere in the world but I must say, it more severe here.

Raincoat is a necessity due to the unpredictable rains, especially if you are bound for the monsoon seasons. Don’t worry, the rains are generally come and leave pretty quickly, but it’s still good to prepare a raincoat just in case.


A cheap unlock phone
Get a local sim everywhere you go and allow easier communication. Your latest iPhone may be in danger if you keep pulling it in and out of your pockets when strolling along the street.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.11.09 PM.png

Personal care
Insect repellent is a life saver. Welcome to the land of insects, tropical weather makes it perfect for mosquitoes, bugs and all. So make sure you are ready for them otherwise, you’ll be scratching yourself the whole night through.

Shoes and Body Deodorizer, as we emphasis on the key words here: hot and humid. Get a spray bottle and make sure you sanitise your sneakers or sports shoes properly on the go. Meanwhile, it will do you some good if you don’t stink up everywhere you go, so pile on the Body Deodorizer.

Sunblock crème: the sun the sun the sun… tan is sexy while getting burned is not

Don’t let street food destroy your fun. Travelling means you got to try a bunch of new food and the food is not always compatible with your digest system so keep the charcoal pills handy.

Public toilets are not always clean and dry tissue won’t do, wet tissue with some sanitised function is the one you will be looking for. Plus, it can really refresh you in a hot afternoon.

If you forget to bring some, don’t panic. You can get almost everything from clothes to personal care at a wallet-friendly price.

So pack light, experience full!

Join June and our writers for an adventure of a lifetime as we help you to plan for your next trip!

june June explores different roles to find out what is her passion. She used to be a travel consultant, a Kindergarden English teacher, an Expedia’s Lodging Partner Support agent, and the latest is being a freelancer. Eventually, she figures that her passion is to express the hospitality spirit from her heart and inspire others from her works. Being a writer for LadyRedot, where she get inspired and inspire others, and running her own bed and breakfast in her homeland. She views life as a colorful and adventurous journey, join her as she shares her passion with you! You can reach out to her @ LinkedIn.

A Guide to Souvenir Ideas

While travelling, we often question ourselves what to buy for those loved ones back home, especially those that make them know you thought of them during your journey. However, with the limitation of luggage weight and the tight budget may cause restriction when it comes to buying souvenirs and sometimes even create a burden for you.

I don’t know about you, but to me, when it comes to gifts, any kind, I value the thoughts and the sincerity you put in it. I love that Y5 coin from a Japanese friend because of its meaning: Go-en, the pronunciation of this coin sound similar to the phrase “fortune to meet” in Japanese. Also, with a hole in the middle you can wear it as a necklace or bracelet. How thoughtful!

So, let use this humble guide for meaningful souvenir ideas, that work almost everywhere you go in Asia to avoid the boring keychains (unless your friends specify this), excessive snack bags or some random iconic decoration items.


Spices package
Each country has their unique dish and you can always buy the packed spices come with instructions for special dishes that you loved there. You can either get some and cook for your friends when you back or distribute to among them. You bring back the tastes you experienced, you share the gathering moment with friends and family while telling them about your adventures. And of course, you all learn to cook a new dish, can any gifts be better?


Silk fabric, brocade fabric products
Travelling in Asia, you find that in almost everywhere you can get affordable silk or brocade products: range from clothes, bags, shoes to decorations. The price of these materials in Asia is always much cheaper as compared to those you get in the West.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.01.56 PM

Homemade herbal balm
You know what Asians love, the medical balm or oil. You know that friend of you that usually get muscle cramps or your grandma just loves the smell of herbs when she catches a cold? Get them this. You may also simply give them to your friends, they will surely enjoy a massage with the thoughtful gift.


Handmade jewellery
These come with the incredibly cheap price and various in style. From bracelet, rings, earrings to necklace or hair wear, you can easily grab a couple of small pieces. It might not be as fancy as real jewels yet are unique to give to those back home.


Currency notes and coins
No worry about buying anything, just keep the notes or coins from the places to you have been to but to make them more special and stylish, get a frame when you are back, arrange those pieces randomly, put your friend’s name at the corner with your well-wishes. Tada, a decoration for their bedroom or living room.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.53.36 PM.png

Map with highlighted spot you went and a postcard of each place
Another classic idea yet creative one. Give a map of the country you went to, highlighted the places you visited and attached a postcard (from your own photos are fine too) to each place. Your loved ones will feel special and inspired from this gift.

Finally, always remember, souvenirs are a way to share your experiences with someone back home while you are travelling. So do not make it a burden, you know your loved ones still love you even if you come back with just stories to tell and photographs to show. After all, love does not always come with items, but rather the way you show and prove them.


june June explores different roles to find out what is her passion. She used to be a travel consultant, a Kindergarden English teacher, an Expedia’s Lodging Partner Support agent, and the latest is being a freelancer. Eventually, she figures that her passion is to express the hospitality spirit from her heart and inspire others from her works. Being a writer for LadyRedot, where she get inspired and inspire others, and running her own bed and breakfast in her homeland. She views life as a colorful and adventurous journey, join her as she shares her passion with you! You can reach out to her @ LinkedIn.

10 horror movies location around the world

If you are the type that rather enjoys the haunted houses, or eager to explore the real shooting locations of your favourite scary movies, then scroll down, as we walk you to the famous horror movie scenes worldwide.

Touring around Spain this Halloween season, make sure you pay a visit to these places:


Los Hornillos Palace, Spain – The Others (2001)
A huge and beautiful 200 something-year-old cattle ranch, belongs to the Duke of Santo Mauro’s family is an obvious perfect setting for horror theme. The place attracts several film producers, including the famous movie: The Others (2001). Set foot here and if you are lucky enough (or maybe not), you may have interesting talks with the lady, her sun-feared kids, and the servants and then found out they are not real! Goose bumps!


Partarriu Manor located in Asturias, in Northern Spain – The Orphanage (2007)
This beautiful large and impressive house is surrounded by the perfect factors for a getaway family trip: beach, cliffs and a forest. I hope that knowing this is also a shooting location for the creepy movie :The Orphanage (2007) will not stop you from exploring this place. Do let us know if you ever find invisible friends, evil spirits and strange occurrences like what happened to the little kids in the movie.

Or heading to the UK for haunted movie scenes, you are at right place:

Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire – The Haunting (1963)
Built in the 12th century, Ettington Park is one of the oldest buildings in the Midlands. After several different ownership, this place, once a prisoner of war camp for Italian soldiers during the WWII and now transformed into a hotel. Maybe it was not only haunted in the movie, but also in real life where several strange activities were reported here by stayed guests and the hotel employees. Why ruin the thrill? Just go spend a night there and ask for the spookiest room, who knows you can even come up with a better plot than the Haunting.


The Infamous Oakley Court Hotel, Berkshire, England – The Reptile, Curse of Frankenstein, Nightmare, Die, Monster, Die!, The Screaming Starts
Located next to the Bray studios, this 157-year-old hotel made appeared in countless classic scary movies. Having 118 rooms, you can easily book a Frankenstein shadowy type bedroom, and played the movie shot in that very own room. Enough of hair standing, I believe.

Wandering around Asia, don’t worry, we send you to the chilling movie spots:

The Haunted House at Nong Jork, Thailand – The Victim (2006 film)
As this is a criminal horror movie, the settings featured real criminal scenes, one of them is The Haunted House at Nong Jork. This is an abandoned unfinished house due to the death of a worker while constructing it. The place is a favourite spot to locate dead bodies dumped by the criminals, just enjoy the movie but stay away from there, folks.


The Ju-On: The Grudge house, Tokorozawa, Saitama. – The Grudge series
No different from any ordinary double story house, yet this house is one of the eeriest houses in the Japanese movie history. If you love the feeling of shiver down, we suggest you have treasure hunt trip to this iconic house. The Grudge describes a curse that is born when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage or extreme sorrow, so just don’t go there when you are upset.

Take off to the nearby continent, Australia, horror fans, let’s continue your journey:


Melbourne, Australia – Knowing (2009)
Numerous locations in this beautiful city were made used in the sci-fi thriller Knowing, to name a few: the Geelong Ring Road, Melbourne Museum, Mount Macedon, the corner of Collins Street and Williams Street, the Docklands and Camberwell High School. Although the movie is rather a sci-fi big screen, it isn’t the lack of thrilling factors that sent your spine chilling.

Finally, the land of the most horrific movies, America:


By © 2006: David Ball – Own work, Attribution,

Dunsmuir House, Oakland, California – Phantasm (1979)
The Dunsmuir House and Gardens (also known by the name The Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate) is a famous shoot for Phantasm (1979), So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993), A View to Kill (1985), Partners in Crime (1984), So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993). If you want to host a Halloween party, you can contact the place to rent for the occasion, if you do not mind the spooky atmosphere.

Digital StillCamera

Dakota Residential, Manhattan, New York, USA – The Rosemary’s Baby
With the reputation of being a residential building for the rich and famous, this place is very famous for its tragic history where in just a few steps from the building, the legend John Lennon was shot in 1980. Not only stop at that, it is where the psychological horror movie Rosemary’s baby was filmed.


By Willjay – From the English Wikipedia. Original file is/was here., CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Evans City cemetery in Pennsylvania – Night of the Living Dead
To the Night of the Living Dead’s fan, you might be intrigued by the idea go searching for the headstones that were filmed in the movie. Just remember, it is a resting place of many souls, show your respect around this old graveyard.


Yaquina Head Lighthouse located near Newport in Oregon – The Ring
Do you know the “Moesko Island Lighthouse” in the movie was actually this Yaquina Head Lighthouse? To recreate the scene in the movie, simply book the Lighthouse tours, daily operation except for Wednesdays; a first come, first served basis.

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June explores different roles to find out what is her passion. She used to be a travel consultant, a Kindergarden English teacher, an Expedia’s Lodging Partner Support agent, and the latest is being a freelancer. Eventually, she figures that her passion is to express the hospitality spirit from her heart and inspire others from her works. Being a writer for LadyRedot, where she get inspired and inspire others, and running her own bed and breakfast in her homeland. She views life as a colorful and adventurous journey, join her as she shares her passion with you! You can reach out to her @ LinkedIn.

Spookiest Places in Asia

Halloween is around the corner, spookiest time of the year for some of us. If you are looking to be spook out while in Asia, we have round up some of the spine-chilling and haunted places to put your guts to the test.

Proceed with care…

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.35.45 PM.png

Aokigahara Forest, Japan
Wandering inside the forest and enjoy the natures at its best is one of the enjoyable activity one would do, but not quite so if you are at this famous Japanese forest. You might accidentally stumble upon a skull laid beneath the layer of beautiful leaves. As nicknamed the suicide forest, the forest host about 100 desperate souls yearly. This has gone so severe that several signs and motivating quotes are placed outside the forest, in the hope to help anyone think twice before setting their foot on the mystery forest and never return.


SMK, Cheras, Malaysia
Legend said has it that this school are not only rumoured to be haunted late at night but bears the myth of a real possessed case that cursed upon a female student. The girl reported to have sudden weird behaviours which were actually recorded; her creepily playing with a scissor, kicking and breaking a window glass with her bare hands. Well, who knows, it could be she just really angry with her school or there was a real powerful soul has taken over her.


Manila Film Center, Pasay City, Philippines
Ghostly encounters at a cinema, nothing seems so strange right? I mean with all the horror movies we have seen, this could be just another of our mind tricks. Unfortunately, it was not the case at this place, where during its construction, on November 17, 1981, at least 169 workers got killed by the collapsed scaffolding ceiling. Worse, their bodies were believed to be buried under the quick drying cement, some were even buried alive! It has been reported with various bizarre events such as mysterious sounds, voices, and poltergeist activities.


Jeju Island, Korea
You would think twice to spend the honeymoon at this famous touristic spot unless you want ghost hauntings to add on the spice in your love life. The site was once a torture field where 60,000 people were raped and burned tragically for being accused of involving in political conflict.


Hanoi ghost house, 300 Kim Ma Street, Vietnam
This 3000 sq meter abandoned building was actually built on a cemetery. Needless to say, that is rather a house of ghosts, spirits, evil, devil, anything but human beings. All scary things you see on TV will certainly appear here: tables and chairs are arranged by nobody, brushes sweeping garbage, crying babies, etc. Nobody is allowed to enter the premises or take photos of the house.


Shoe Factory at Bangpu Industrial Estate, Bangkok, Thailand
Just another industrial estate, that you may still find some good shoes scrap here and there as no one dares to enter it. When this factory got into a severe accident – the air compressor blew up and dragging several lives with its explosion, the owner still operate the business as per normal. Not long after, ghosts sightings happened so frequently that many employees got chased out and the business had to shut down eventually. In the end, the owner shot himself on the top floor of the factory.


Ghost Palace Hotel, Bali, Indonesia
The Ghost Palace Hotel (also known as PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort) located on the way up to the iconic Bedugul Lake, built in the 1990s though it has never been commenced since then. Rumours has it that the abandoned resort was cursed by the competitor and haunted by the souls of dead labourers, who were forced to work under unsafe condition. Five stars resort in the jungle, no thanks, for the fainted hearts.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.19.45 PM.png

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India
The place is believed to cursed as all the houses built with its roof collapses at one time or another. Go explore the story behind this unusual event yet make sure you don’t go there after sunset, as it is strictly prohibited by the government.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.18.40 PM.png

Plain of Jars, Laos
Treasure hunt in this lesser known country may bring you some strange reward: huge collections of ancient jars deeply buried for God knows why. The field was once a battlefield during the Indochina War. Not that scary if the people around did not report to hear strange sounds and often encounter ghostly images of armies and fallen pilots at night.


Phnom Penh, (City of Ghosts) Cambodia
Ha! Now that the entire city, the capital of Cambodia. After Khmer Rouge took control in the mid-1970s, the city quickly become an assassin field. Thousands were executed or being abandoned till dead as the city emptied.

June.pngJune explores different roles when she was young to find out what is her passion. She used to be a travel consultant, a Kindergarden English teacher, an Expedia’s Lodging Partner Support agent, and the latest is being a freelancer. Eventually, she figures that her passion is to express the hospitality spirit from her heart and inspire others from her works.Being a writer for LadyRedot, where she get inspired and inspire others, and running her own bed and breakfast in her homeland. She views life as a colorful and adventurous journey, join her as she shares her passion with you! You can reach out to her @ LinkedIn.