10 Reasons Not To Miss Out On Mozambique

Mozambique is a rather short drive from SA and is becoming one of Africa’s gems. Below are reasons why you need to visit soon.

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  1. Visit Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa, now under Carr Foundation has buffaloes, lions, and the majestic sable antelopes.

  1. Horse riding on Bazaruto

The indigo bay Island resort found on Bazaruto has boerperd horses that love to climb dunes and gallop on the long, beach on the eastern side of the island.

  1. Paradise snorkeling

The waters around Santa Carolina -the official name for Paradise Island- are warm, shallow and sheltered. The visibility is excellent. The reef is rather busy with a population of rays, reel fish, eels with the rare appearance of the blacktip reef shark.

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  1. Walk in the Lago Niassa

Mozambicans call is Lago Niassa and Malawians call is lake Malawi. A beautiful lodge, Nkwichi Lodge is built around the trees and into the rocks in the remote bays of the lake. This offers a great view of and an exotic travel experience of the lake.

  1. Experience History on Ilha

Ilha de Moçambique is a crumbling colonial masterpiece which has seen the succeeding waves of Chinese and Arab traders. You will also see the little chapel de Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, built by the Portuguese and still survives to date so do the original cisterns that get the island its fresh water.

  1. Ride the train across the North

The every day run between Cuamba and Nampula ranks as the worlds hardcore railway journeys in the world. You can buy your ticket a day in advance from the ticketing offices in Cuamba or Nampula. To avoid the overcrowding be sure to get a second-class ticket.

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  1. Dhow sailing on the Bay

Inhambane is the most relaxed and prettiest town in Mozambique. For an exotic travel experience, head down the beach, and hire yourself a good boat. Go down on the water and drift around the bay, chasing dolphins, chasing dhows and sipping coconut juice of its shell.

  1. Enjoy Piri Piri’s Pawn Curry

The stalwart restaurant café at Avenida 24 de Julho in the town of Maputo has a reputation for excellent yet simple food. Their grilled chicken, doused in the best peri-peri sauce in the world, is consistently excellent, so is their prawn curry which is renowned world over.


  1. The beer

At the end of the war, the best beer in town was called Impala, Which had a sweet and yeasty taste. Impala has gone and now everybody drinks Laurentina or 2M and it worth noting there are very few things more satisfying in the world than a cold, dark Laurentina Preto beer on a hot day as you wait for your chips and grilled chicken, as you stare at the sea.

  1. The Gods seafood

You can enjoy seafood on the terrace of Costa do Sol, a deco art hotel and restaurant at the road out of Maputo while watching palms sway in the breeze. Make a point to have Africa’s awesome coffee milkshake as you chill on the lounger by the pool.

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food.

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An Impulsive Solo Trip to Surabaya

Looking at one of my girlfriends’ Facebook posts about her trip to Mount Bromo excites me and I immediately book an air ticket to Surabaya. I started to ask her details about her trip and engaged a private tour guide, named Ebrott. It is quite upsetting to learn that he has to work at a tender age of 17 to support the family as his dad has passed on. His service is extraordinarily good, courteous and patient.


There are a couple of airlines that fly directly to Surabaya. You can choose either Air Asia or JetStar. My first stop is a 5 to 6 hours’ drive from city to the foot of Mount Bromo. I spent a night in a local guesthouse. It comes with basic minimal necessities – a bed and toilet. It is very cold – approximately 16 degree at night. Hence, don’t expect a fan or air condition in the room.


To catch Sunrise at Mount Bromo, I have to wake up at 2am as Ebrott is picking me up at 3am. We will be travelling via a jeep as the road is bumpy and uphill. We reached the peak at about 3.30am. The temperature is so cold we decided to get something hot from one of the stalls. The sun starts to rise at 4.30am. The view is magnificent and unforgettable. It’s the power of nature and we should treasure it.




We stayed for 2 hours enjoying the nature of light and went for breakfast. The simple comfort food – bowl of soup noodles and egg is all I asked for. Simple food like this means a lot to me especially after the breathtaking view, I have to appreciate simplicity even more. We continue the journey to the other side where you can take a horse ride to the foot of Mount Bromo before climbing up through a sea of sand to the crater.  

IMG_0365 IMG_0378 IMG_0361

After Mount Bromo, we travelled another 4 hours to a hotel near Kawah Ijen for a good rest and nap. I am going to catch Ijen Blue Fire hence needs to set off at 11pm. Please prepare to gear up your good trekking/hiking shoes, windproof jacket and pants. Bring a bottle of water and light snacks along. You’ll be sure to thank me for this tip!  

The hike up and down to catch the glimpse of Blue Fire took me 2 hours. Someone like me who doesn’t hike as frequently as I want to, I must say I feel so proud accomplishing the mission. Yay! A lot of determination and strength is required and the overall experience is worth it. Pace yourself well and take your time. 

IMG_0406 IMG_0441

It’s time to head back to Surabaya city. Travelling back is approximately 8 hours. Have patience with the tour guide. He is tired as well. Since I am the passenger, I get to sleep and rest throughout the journey. On and off we did a few pit stops for meals and break. I checked into Ascott Waterplace at about 5pm. And something caught my eye – A&W fast food restaurant opposite the hotel. I couldn’t resist and pack a meal back to the room. I made an advanced booking of Body Massage at 8pm which is indeed the best choice after 2 days of hiking.  


Personal Thoughts after the trip: I think I have become stronger from all aspects of myself. The power of determination and achieving the Goals set.  Thank You, Ebrott (@hisba_93) for being a helpful and supportive friend and teaching me to be contented with what I have in life and the beauty of simplicity.