Bucket Lists: Must Try Activities for Adventurous Hearts

Going on an adventure is unquestionably good for you physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a unique way to travel and appreciate the beauty of the world. If you haven’t created your 2017 trip itinerary, considering doing it the adventurous way.


Shark Dives
Irrespective of the type of sharks you’ll be swimming with —hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, white tip sharks or the gentle giant whale sharks—dipping in the water with even just one shark takes a lot of courage and is not for the faint-hearted.

However, the activity is as rewarding as it is risky, and is certainly a unique way to respect and appreciate marine life, specifically sharks, which usually spell menace to some people. Lucky for those who’d love to give this a try, this activity is available in a lot of places. You can do this in Mexico, Bahamas, Philippines, South Africa, Costa Rica, Maldives, Fiji, North Carolina and of course, most places in Australia.


Adventure Caving
Not for the claustrophobic, this activity requires one to not only be physically fit but also mentally committed. With headlamps as your only source of light (99% of the time), you’ll have to squeeze your way through tight and moist places, and you have to be ready for unexpected bumps.

After gruelling hours in dark passages, caverns decorated with beautiful rocks or breathtaking waterfalls usually, will cap the trip with so much satisfaction. If you want to see the beauty of the underworld, New Zealand, Belize, Vietnam, China, Slovenia, Malaysia, Philippines, Austria, Iceland, France, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, Venezuela, USA, and South Africa are all famous for their mysterious caves.


Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and trekking can take hours, or even days depending on your trail, so stopovers are necessary to regain your momentum. Both require a lot of stamina and preparation as you’ll not only be walking for a long time, you also have to be ready for heat or cold depending on where you are. The rewards you reap from these activities are many, from the scenic views to the quiet and still moment with nature.

If you want to hit the road less traveled, try the best trails in the world: Queen Charlotte Track (New Zealand), Bay of Fires (Australia), Chilkoot Trail (Alaska), Fitz Roy Trek (Argentina), Kungsleden (Sweden), Tonquin Valley (Canada), Croagh Patrick (Ireland), Kalalau Trail (Hawaii), and Mountain of the Moon (Uganda).

Irene Chan 0160.jpg

While jumping out of a plane and freefalling from thousands of feet above may be something you’d never do even when it’s the only way to survive, skydiving can be very fulfilling especially to those who want to challenge their fear of heights. If your guts (and budget) allow you, try skydiving in Palm Jumeirah (Dubai), Livingstone (Zambia), and Cairns (Australia).


This is perhaps the least famous one on the list, as there are only a limited number of spots that offer this kind of adventure. Also, the ski equipment you need and the helicopter ride mean this activity does not come cheap. To heli-ski, a helicopter takes you to a remote snow mountain so you can ski or snowboard downhill. If you like to get that adrenaline rush while you slide downhill, try heli-skiing in Japan, Switzerland, British Columbia, Russia, and even India.

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Mish worked as a travel expert, customer service specialist and a communications trainer in the past. After working for eight years straight since she graduated, she decided to give up her corporate job. She now focuses on her 4-year old son, works as a freelance writer and a real estate assistant. She is a sun-worshipper, a water baby, and an earth warrior. And oh, she’s tiny but she is an Olympic-level glutton. Let her bring your tummy around the globe! You can reach her at LinkedIn.


Romance in Venice

Looking for a romantic location to celebrate your love or even better, to propose? One of the most romantic and I dare say, not cliché at all, is Venice. The capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region that is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, with no roads, just canals. It is truly unique as you serenade your love under the moonlight on gondola but if you are looking for something grounded to sweep off her feet, read on as we bring you to three places bound to amaze and awe her.


Skyline Rooftop Bar
On top of the Hilton Molino Stucky, the stunning yet modern bar which was recently renovated, offers a grand view of the Plazza San Marco and Giuecca Canal. For the best views, opt in either to sip a cocktail with your loved one while basking in the sunset or make goo goo eyes at each other under the starlight.

Don’t forget to drop by the hotel’s swimming pool, touted to be Venice’s First Rooftop Pool!

Website: http://www.skylinebarvenice.com/en/
Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am


L’Osteria di Santa Marina
A quaint little cozy restaurant that serves one of the best traditional Italian dishes focus in making your taste buds sing with delight. Don’t be fooled by their simple looking fare, their food taste extraordinary and it is no wonder that they are a critics’ favourite. Do give their sensational seafood a try!

Website: http://osteriadisantamarina.com/en/
Opening Hours: 12.30pm – 2.30pm and 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Teatro La Fenice
They have hosted some of the world’s best performances such as internationally acclaimed ballets to world renowned operas, attracting international and local patrons alike. Be sure to treat your artistic senses to one of their current performing acts and be prepared to be blown away by the enchanting ornate architecture dating back to 18th century.
Website: http://www.teatrolafenice.it/site/index.php

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

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Movies to Inspire Your Next Holiday

I get stuck in the rut on where and when to plan for my next big travel adventure so one tip, I usually turn to movies to give me great ideas and of course, who wouldn’t be tempted by the beautiful sceneries shot on the wide screen.

Toyko, Japan

Lost in Translation
The romantic quirky film surrounded by neon blinding light of fascinating Tokyo, combined with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, what’s there not to love?


Tokyo Drift
Fast cars, pretty young girls, great action with a simple story plot that is easy to follow. Story follows a teenager becomes a major competitor in the world of drift racing after moving in with his father in Tokyo to avoid a jail sentence in America. As the cars speed by, you get the enchanting Tokyo in action.


New York, America

The bubbly girl can sing! With a star performance by veteran actors like Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx (I didn’t know he can sing too!), it brings a refreshing take to the old but classic play and a new insight to New York.

London, England

The Da Vinci Code
The modern day Indiana Jones, solving the world’s puzzle while avoiding capture by the bad and the good guys, and showcasing London’s finest at the same time.

Vienna, Austria

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
One thing I love about Mission Impossible and James Bond are the introduction of gorgeous cities all over the world. I just love how Vienna is shot beautifully over the action pack scene especially in front of the Vienna State Opera House.


A Hologram for the King
Although the story is based on Saudi Arabia, the background of the movie is filmed in Morocco, presenting some of the beautiful and breath-taking desert sights.


The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Another action packed film but with a unique and interesting storyline, one that took me by pleasant surprise as the film spans over the romantic views of what Italy has to offer.


Hitman: Agent 47
This movie got all the people living in the tiny country excited because it mainly based its movie in Singapore.

If these movies can’t set your heart pumping for the next travel, come and have a chat with us. We can bring you a different experience through our intricate and dedicated planning.

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

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Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations

Smooch smooch! To all the newlyweds out there, this is one article you should take note of. Today, we are going to feature top 10 popular destinations with our lovebirds.

Bali, Indonesia
Many people choose to go Maldives but there is a place much closer to home. Bali, the place the locals nickname as the “Isle of the Gods”, is a gorgeous place with an enchanting sunset every single day. You don’t even need to leave your resort’s grounds to feel immersed in Balinese spirituality and culture, you just need to open your window. This place offers an amazing range of activities and beautiful scenery; a perfect place that has the balance for both couples.

Paris, France
Quote Audrey Hepburn when she said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Welcome to the City of Love! This romantic city offer more than just great excursions and nightly stroll under the stars, you also have access to exceptional cuisine and wine to please your taste buds. And don’t forget the fabulous shopping especially he could adore you with all the presents in the world here in Paris!

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, one of the most beautiful islands in the world is an island that is the core of an ancient volcano, encircling a lake filled with pure blue water. If you want to live intensely you can try the numerous nightclubs, restaurants or go to a sandy beach and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

Tokyo, Japan
Whether your ideal honeymoon includes visiting a Zen-inspired spa high up in a mountain retreat or the impeccable imperial garden filled with cherry blossom, Tokyo has everything in place for you. AS you feed each other sushi with your fingers, while sipping a cup of fragrance green tea. This city has both the exciting vibrant city and cultural learning place.

Powder soft white beaches, glittering azure water at the perfect temperature and balmy weather in a beautiful island where your toes sink into the whitest sand and treat your ears to the soft crashing waves. This is Seychelles.

Venice, Italy
The place where romance is lingering in the air no matter where you turned, from the lovely horse carriage riding through the streets or the staring in each other’s eye in the gondola. Love is definitely in the air in Venice. Go to little cafes, get lost in hidden alleyways or watch an artisan do their trademark glassblowing.

Maui, Hawaii
Just another beach holiday? No sir, Maui offers roads leading up to Haleakala, Maui’s highest peak, to see the memorable sunrise over the clouds or a scenic drive down the road to Hana and count the waterfalls together.

The list wouldn’t be completed with honourable mention of the all-time hands down favourite of the Maldives. And rightfully so too, as the newlyweds get to enjoy resorts that exude romance and have a choice of luxurious villas, from retreats with a private stretch of beach to over-water hideaways with their own private infinity pool.

Marrakesh, Morocco
Intoxicating, exuberant and steeped in culture, these are the only ways to describe Marrakesh. Weaving your path through the city streets, the air thick with the scent of spices, leather and perfume, this is enough to transport both of you to the land of exotic.

Cape Town, Africa
With backdrop mountains slope to access to game safaris to some of Africa’s most romantic beaches, both on the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, Cape Town is both exotic, sexy and adventurous all rolled into one location.

Are you planning your honeymoon and not know where to go? We can help you here!


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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

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2016-17 Top Destination in Europe

Each continent has its flavor and uniqueness. If you have not been to Europe, you should visit one of these places. Time and time again, guidebooks and friends will tell you what spots are must-sees for different destination, but everyone has their own idea of where their ideal vacation will take them.


Rome, Italy
Eternal City – the nickname given by the locals. Rome is a wonderful destination for the holidays. From gorgeous gardens to hidden rooftops, there are the plenty of best spots in the city to find a little Rome romance. Whatever in life you are looking for you will find it. Wander into any church and be amazed by the sheer beauty of it.


Paris, France
Typically known for the city of love, it is well known for its art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Alongside the world-famous museums and monuments, there are also some gloriously eccentric ones. They know how to make a decent pastry, with a good cup of coffee, you can sit in their café and watch the world goes by.


Nice, France

Although it is France’s fifth-largest city, Nice is just like its name, nice. It has the most enchanting skyline paired with a beautiful sea. However, there is no white sand between your toes, it is a pebble beach. Away from the bustling city center with its flower markets and street performers, and far from the central hub, Nice has a number of fantastic sites that often go overlooked.


Berlin, Germany
Berlin is a place where East meets West full of historical content. It has plenty of rich history and unique culture. You will immerse into the vast choice of museums, restaurants and art galleries. Like some other European capitals, Berlin has pronounced differences among its many neighborhoods.


Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona has a great location and is has mild climate throughout the year and is located on the coast and there are miles of beaches all along the north. It’s packed full of creative people and offers amazing food and architectural masterpieces that you don’t often come across in Europe.


Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland offers a surprising amount of cultural variety. Zurich is also abuzz with sleek eateries, cool shops, and a full of history. With the most important highlights ranging from historical spots and natural escapes to food and shopping havens, you will have loads to do even as a solo traveler.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city is small enough that visitors can get a real feel for its people, neighborhoods, sights, and secrets. With more than 6,800 houses and buildings protected as monuments and dating from the 16th to the 20th century, Amsterdam boasts the largest historical inner city in Europe.


Vienna, Austria
A city that charms and seduces from scratch, Vienna may just steal your heart away. Spend a few days getting to know Vienna and you’ll discover its vivid World War II history, radical art movements, and nonstop street life. If Vienna doesn’t steal your heart, it definitely steals your stomach with its variety of desserts.


London, England

Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye… The list goes on and on. There’s nothing quite like the experience of hopping on a red double-decker bus and seeing some of the most recognizable sights in the world from its top deck.


Brussels, Belgium
Some of the world’s best chocolate and home to more beer varieties than any other city in the world, that is our Brussels. It is a modern, cosmopolitan city at the heart of Europe. Although it is known more for being a political hub, it also has a surprisingly young vibe that makes it one of the more cutting-edge cities in Europe.


Kotor, Montenegro

Located where the Balkans meet the Adriatic, Kotor sits on a deep bay surrounded by soaring cliffs. Kotor has all the features of a typical Mediterranean town: narrow streets, small shops, antique monuments and picturesque buildings.

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

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