Unusual Beaches in the World

Beach. It’s a place usually dotted with palm trees where you get sand between your toes, get a tan under the heat of the sun, and bathe in crystal clear waters. Sure, but did you know that there are beaches in this mysterious world that offers more than that?

Did you know that there is a beach in this world that has glow in the dark particles dwelling in its waters? Did you know there are beaches in this world with green, purple, pink, black, and red sand? Prepare to be amazed as we show you the unusual beaches in the world.

  1. Red Sand Beach (Rabida, Galapagos)
    This beach is unusual because, yes you’re right, it has orangey red sand. The red sand is not because of blood of course, but it’s because of the oxidation of lava that contains a high level of iron and tiny bits of corals washed up.
  2. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach (California)
    It’s named “Purple Sand Beach” obviously because of its purple sand. Its sand however, is not purple all over. It has streaks of purple that look like someone spilled purple and indigo watercolor. No, nobody spilled watercolor on the sand. The purple color is because of the manganese garnet deposits from the hillside soil eroded to the beach.
  3. Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas)
    Here’s another one named after the color of its sand. Pink Sand Beach is pink because of the tiny pieces of coral that are broken down and washed ashore by the strong waves. Just imagine the blue waters and the pink sand! Just perfect!
  4. Papakolea Green Sand Beach (Hawaii)
    The first thing that you’ll probably think of when you see this beach is how slimy the sand must be because it looks like it’s covered with seaweeds. But no, the green shade is not because of seaweeds but because of Hawaii’s volcanic mountains. When the volcano erupts, the lava that reached the sea produces a mineral known as “olivine.” It’s the reason why the sand is green.
  5. Glass Beach (California)
    This beach is unusual because it is covered with tiny bits of glass. Sure, it may look nice and unique, but its history is exactly the opposite. Long ago, Glass Beach was the residents’ landfill. Locals used to dump their rubbish in the beach. The glass sand is a result of the waves pounding the glass materials into tiny pieces.
  6. Maldives (no specific beach though)
    Who says you can only enjoy the beach at daytime? In Maldives, visitors laze around the beach at night. When the sun goes down, when the stars appear in the sky, the bioluminescent phytoplankton gather up and line up the shore. The microscopic organisms glow in the dark as a reaction to the strong movements of the water. Oh so magical!
  7. Giants Causeway Beach (Ireland)
    This beach is unique and very picturesque because of its mysterious rock formation. Several million years ago, basalt lava rose to the surface. When it cooled, it cracked into gigantic columns that still exist until today.

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A Surfer Paradise in Asia

People travel to Asia for its beautiful landscapes, ancient temples, exotic beauty, rich culture and colourful lifestyle. But did you know that aside from these, you can also go on a surfing trip in Asia? Yes, that’s right. Some countries in Asia boast perfect waves for surfing, just like Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, California, Sydney, and Victoria. Interested but no clue where to go? Read on as we take you to Asia’s best-surfing spots.


Pansea Beach (Phuket, Thailand)
This remote surf spot has about 3-5 foot waves and shallow reef and rips, so it is not exactly suitable for beginners. The beach itself is nice; only 250 meters long and certainly not crowded. Take note, though, locals do not really talk about this secret little spot, but if you want to try it out nevertheless, the best time to go is from May to October.

By colmsurfhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/colmsurf/144455160/sizes/o/, CC BY 2.0, Link

Cloud 9 (Siargao, Philippines)
Siargao is a laidback island that can be accessed via an hour flight from Cebu or Manila. There are many surf spots on the island, but the best one is Cloud 9. It hosts the yearly Siargao cup, a surfing competition that welcomes both local and international surfers. The waves here can be very powerful, but some areas are also suitable for novice surfers. The people are also very nice and the cost of living is extremely cheap. You can event rent a motorbike for less than $10 per day and tour the whole island (and find more hidden surf spots) on it.


Bamboo Island (Sihanoukville, Cambodia)
Cambodia’s beaches may not be as famous as Thailand’s beaches, however, they have a little paradise called Bamboo Island that offers an equally amazing view and powdery white sand. What’s even better is that this remote island has the perfect waves for intermediate surfing. Want to go? Be sure to book your travel from June through October to get the best waves.

Laga urdaibai 001.jpg
By JoxemaiOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Bai Dai Beach (Nha Trang, Vietnam)
This place is the go-to place of the rich and famous. If you want luxury (and rub elbows with celebrities), this is perfect for you. The waves are perfect for beginners and the long stretch of sand is perfect for basking as well.

God’s Left or Nihiwatu (Sumba Island, Indonesia)
To access this paradise, travellers will have to take a 2-hour flight from Bali. This highly exclusive island features left-hand mighty waves that are perfect for pro surfers and a view that will surely take your breath away.


Veedol Beach (Tohoku, Japan)
Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Veedol Beach is your go-to surf spot in Japan. Tohoku itself offers several other tourist spots aside from this surfing haven, but the waves might just glue you to your surfboards!

Kuda Villingli Island (Maldives)
If you think Maldives only offers stunning resorts and beaches, sorry, but you are wrong. Kuda Villingli Island is an uninhabited island that can be reached through a boat ride. Because of the quiet and its amazing untouched surroundings, it is perfect for relaxing as well, apart from surfing. Surfing here requires agility as the waves pick up some speed from time to time.

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Worldwide Romantic Locations

Romantic, hmmm different people will have different ideal romantic pictures: to some, it’s the dazzling beaches, to others, it’s candlelit dinner in the middle of nowhere. So when it comes to picking the ideal destinations for you and your significant other half, it depends on what you and your half love to experience. Maybe a little guide will help you to choose better?

Let’s start the journey with exotic destinations in Africa, the colony usually got the bias for being rich in culture yet dry and rough in nature, my stereotype vanished shortly after knowing such dreamy places are in Africa.


Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar
These iconic trees are a must see when you visit this famous land. Imagine the two of you, so little, enjoying the sunray blend perfectly with the giant trees, during the sunset or sunrise. Wish your love grows as robust as the baobabs trees.


Victoria Falls
“Hello from the other side”, the Falls is located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe offers the best romantic activities: from packing a picnic basket to enjoy the most magnificent view of the Falls while you wine and dine, or taking bungee jumping together to catching the most beautiful moonlight or having a sunset cruise with arms wrap around each other. Enough to wow your dream romance getaway yet? Tip: the Zambia side is less touristy, which means you can enjoy same experiences but with more privacy.


Fez, Morocco
The state of world culture and art undeniably bring you the best experiences while travelling as a couple or solo. If you both are obsessed with the architecture, colourful decoration or shopping unique items for your new home together, you are in the right place. The city itself evoke the sense of romance in an authentic atmosphere.

Now get on the plane and fly to Europe, home of romances.


Santorini, Greece
Obviously, this famous white and blue beach city are among the places where your dream come true. Every corner here celebrate the love: exotic beaches, dinner or breakfast with Ocean view, dim light and listen to the wave, honeymoon over and over again.


Unarguably, Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The heart of Europe has several to do lists for the couple: walk around the vintage city with the generous touch of nature: mild weather, river, trees, and flower. What else is unique: do check out the local love land at Petřín Park on the May 1, the “day of love” they call, some excellent activities to see and do.


Brugge, Belgium
I know lot of other cities in Europe should be on this list, but why Brugge, because I’m a chocolate avid and of course chocolate to me associated with romance. November is the month you should schedule to be here for the chocolate festival. Who doesn’t love Belgium chocolate, get to see such celebration where you find yourself get lost in the chocolate museum and art and free samples, oh yes, pure romance it is. Bonus, the city, has its charms that you will for sure enjoy as well.

How about Asia, what can it offer for honeymooners? Apparently, the tropical weather comes in handy with fantastic beaches and islands across Asia, let me make some recommendations:


The Pearl of Indian Ocean, I believed no words needed to praise the most sought after honeymoon destination. But do plan fast as the country will be the first to disappear due to the greenhouse effects. You surely don’t want to miss the crystal white sand beaches, resorts on the sea and lots more here.


Dalat, Vietnam
The hot spot year round for couple get away; the little Paris apparently is the romance capital of the country. The city offers beautiful landscape with flowers, mountain, waterfalls and plenty more to offer. You are in Asia, with the touch of Europe, experience the blended culture, with the cup of coffee during the windy, cold days. Tip: ride a couple bicycle to test the compatibility of you and your partner, it’s fun.


Lombok, Indonesia
Love Bali yet tired of the crowd? Try the sister island, which is 3 hours ferry ride away. Similar to Bali, the island offers tranquil beaches and an active volcano. Get adventurous with your love ones climbing the mountain, have picnics and then retreat to the beach. Doesn’t it sound like such a memorable trip altogether?

Lastly, check out the Middle East.


Abu Dhabi
Remember the luxury scenes in “Sex and the City”; yes the desert romance will blow your mind in real life too. Enjoy the five-star lifestyle at one of the finest resorts and hotels hub worldwide, joining a Night Safari tour and peak: sunrise balloon ride across the desert. Not to mention, romantic dinner set at stretching sand dunes, I would say yes all the way.

Regardless where you might pick to reheat your love, it’s essential that the experiences you will get together, those shared photos and feelings will create the most romantic memories when looking back.

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Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations

Smooch smooch! To all the newlyweds out there, this is one article you should take note of. Today, we are going to feature top 10 popular destinations with our lovebirds.

Bali, Indonesia
Many people choose to go Maldives but there is a place much closer to home. Bali, the place the locals nickname as the “Isle of the Gods”, is a gorgeous place with an enchanting sunset every single day. You don’t even need to leave your resort’s grounds to feel immersed in Balinese spirituality and culture, you just need to open your window. This place offers an amazing range of activities and beautiful scenery; a perfect place that has the balance for both couples.

Paris, France
Quote Audrey Hepburn when she said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Welcome to the City of Love! This romantic city offer more than just great excursions and nightly stroll under the stars, you also have access to exceptional cuisine and wine to please your taste buds. And don’t forget the fabulous shopping especially he could adore you with all the presents in the world here in Paris!

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, one of the most beautiful islands in the world is an island that is the core of an ancient volcano, encircling a lake filled with pure blue water. If you want to live intensely you can try the numerous nightclubs, restaurants or go to a sandy beach and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

Tokyo, Japan
Whether your ideal honeymoon includes visiting a Zen-inspired spa high up in a mountain retreat or the impeccable imperial garden filled with cherry blossom, Tokyo has everything in place for you. AS you feed each other sushi with your fingers, while sipping a cup of fragrance green tea. This city has both the exciting vibrant city and cultural learning place.

Powder soft white beaches, glittering azure water at the perfect temperature and balmy weather in a beautiful island where your toes sink into the whitest sand and treat your ears to the soft crashing waves. This is Seychelles.

Venice, Italy
The place where romance is lingering in the air no matter where you turned, from the lovely horse carriage riding through the streets or the staring in each other’s eye in the gondola. Love is definitely in the air in Venice. Go to little cafes, get lost in hidden alleyways or watch an artisan do their trademark glassblowing.

Maui, Hawaii
Just another beach holiday? No sir, Maui offers roads leading up to Haleakala, Maui’s highest peak, to see the memorable sunrise over the clouds or a scenic drive down the road to Hana and count the waterfalls together.

The list wouldn’t be completed with honourable mention of the all-time hands down favourite of the Maldives. And rightfully so too, as the newlyweds get to enjoy resorts that exude romance and have a choice of luxurious villas, from retreats with a private stretch of beach to over-water hideaways with their own private infinity pool.

Marrakesh, Morocco
Intoxicating, exuberant and steeped in culture, these are the only ways to describe Marrakesh. Weaving your path through the city streets, the air thick with the scent of spices, leather and perfume, this is enough to transport both of you to the land of exotic.

Cape Town, Africa
With backdrop mountains slope to access to game safaris to some of Africa’s most romantic beaches, both on the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, Cape Town is both exotic, sexy and adventurous all rolled into one location.

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Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

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7 Places You Need to See Before They Disappear

Rapid climate changes, dying ecosystem and human interference are some of the causes to disappearing heritage and cultures. Before they truly disappear, many tourists are rushing to these places to immerse themselves in historical has-been, to bring back photographs and stories to their grandchildren one day. We look at top seven places that are at risk of total disappearance.


The Great Barrier Reef, Australia The biggest coral reef on the planet, which covers more than 133,000 sq miles (344,400 sq km), has long been a fascination Down Under. More than half of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has disappeared in the past 27 years, according to a new study by scientists. As of late, the Great Barrier Reef has encountered a few cyclones, which is why the situation is distressing right now. Many scuba divers are listing The Great Barrier Reef as the top priority to visit on their bucket list.


The Maldives It is well known that Former President Mohamed Nasheed proclaimed that if the world does not do something about carbon neutrality, this pretty island will sink. The global warming makes sea level to rise. This is alarming news for the low-lying islands of Maldives of which most of the islands are less than a meter above sea level. Many honeymooners are still opting the island surrounded by blue sea and white sands as their top destination to visit.


Everglades National Park, America Everglades are included in the List of World Heritage in Danger more than once, twice in fact, due to the significant degradation of the site; a marked deterioration in water flows and quality resulting from agricultural and urban development. Nature lovers are flocking to the location to enjoy the last of its beauty and the haven for rare and threatened species. 


The Great Wall of China, China Touted as one of the marvels in history, many people traveled from afar to complete a section of the Great Wall and to obtain a fake certification of achievement, completed with your photograph. However, the Walls are slowly deteriorating mainly due to the huge amount of required maintenance and the theft of the Wall’s bricks.


The Amazon Rainforest, South America Covers about 40% of the South American continent is home to the largest rainforest on earth, the area represents more than half of the world’s rainforests. With deforestation by humans, the Amazon Rainforest is slowly disappearing to make way for loggers and builders. 20% of it has already gone. Another haven for the adventurous and nature lovers, many cite that they would love to explore the rainforest at least in their lifetime.


Seychelles The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, well known for its beautiful beaches and coral reef is sad to say in the danger of disappearance due to beach erosion and mass dying of corals. Experts predict by another 50 years, the islands will be totally under the sea. Beach lovers of the world travel to feast their eyes on the enchanting view for the last time.


Glaciers in the Alps The glaciers kept receding due to global warming. Soon enough by 2050, they might be gone. Skiers, young and old alike gather around skiing season to appreciate their love for the sport and to enjoy the spectacular mountainous view before it’s too late.

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Writer’s Profile


Kally is a former Sales and Customer Service manager turned Writer and Founder of MiddleMe.net. She came from Singapore; lived in Shanghai and now calls Kuala Lumpur her home. After hanging up her corporate briefcase, she now pursue her passions – Writing, Traveling and of course, hunting for good food

Connect with me @ Kally@ladyredot.com