Close Up in Nature in Melbourne

Melbourne is not all about the hustle bustle of city life. It is also blessed with beautiful landscapes from tranquil forests to staggering cliffs that are specially crafted by mother nature. Therefore, let yourself submerge into the beauty of Melbourne’s finest nature attractions, by going through the enthralling exploration in these four magnificent places.


  • Sherbrooke Forest

As a part of Dandenong Ranges National Park, Sherbrooke Forest lies at an altitude of 220-500 m, 40 kilometers east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.   It was the home to the Eucalyptus regnans , which is the tallest flowering plant in the world. Aside from its function as conservation center, there are a lot of activities that you can do in the area of Sherbrooke Forest. If you are a cyclist, try the 1 in 20 bike lane, where it is named as Melbourne’s popular climbs since it has challenging obstacles. The ride passes through fern gullies and grassy forest, and end to the appealing hilltop village of Sassafras.

Meanwhile for the family-friendly activities, the Eastern Sherbrooke Forest Walk is an easy trail route that encompasses of 6,6 kilometers of length. Take your kids for a morning walk, and introduce them to nature as they can witness various vegetation of plants, ferns, and vegetable growing during World War II. Moreover, if you are lucky, exotic animals such as wombats, samp wallaby, possums, and owl may greet you during your walk. Lastly, to end your adventure, top it off by sharing meal together with your family and closest friends at Grants Picnic Ground.

  • Cloudehill Garden

Still located in Dandenong Ranges, Cloudehill Garden is a unique concept of garden that combining art and natures at the same place. Feel the classic ambience of old European garden landscape, as various of trees, plants, and flowerbeds are neatly placed. With many areas to be explore, Cloudehill Garden offers various         photo spots that surely will elevate your Instagram feeds. For its iconic attraction, visit The Maple Court, where there are two gigantic maple trees standing strong since 1928. The garden is constructed around them. The Gallery Walk is a hidden gem with immersing types of roses like Scotch briars and Rosa spinosissima . Watch as it starts blooming from spring to early summer, with hints of cool sculpture collections scattered everywhere in the garden which should not be missed.

  • Sandringham Cliffs

Feel the warm breeze, sunny weather, at the bayside in Sandringham. Back in the days, Sandringham was originally known as “Gypsy Village” that is nothing more than a fishing village. Fast forward to the present time, Sandringham is a lively suburb with plenty of palm trees along its street. Situated on the opposite of Sandringham Hotel, there is a famous landmark known as band rotunda located on a clifftop overlooking the beach. Surrounded by palm trees, lawns and gardens, the scenic views are breathtaking as you can see endless ocean view from the top.


  • Alfred Nicholas Garden

Admire the seasonal highlights in Alfred Nicholas Garden. Whether you come in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the scenery of Alfred Nicholas Garden is always mesmerizing to see, where each landscapes are wisely forming into colorful paintings created by nature. Watch as golden leaves scatter on the ground during autumn filling the lake with vibrant colors, or witness the blossoming of cherries flowers the spring comes which made Alfred Nicholas Gardens as a beautiful spots to take pictures. Open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm every day, the garden itself is also equipped with linking paths that take you beneath the canopy of the Mountain Ash trees. Walk down to the picturesque lake and set picnic by the boathouse. In addition, Alfred Nicholas Garden provides wide area of spaces to rent as wedding venue. If you’re interested, do contact the official website for further information.

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Off the Grid in Quirino

Brief Background
Quirino (capital: Cabarroguis) is a province in the Philippines named after its sixth president, Elpidio Quirino. It’s surrounded by different provinces which are why it is considered a landlocked province. Although Ilocano is widely spoken there, locals can converse well in Tagalog or Filipino and English.
With only a total area of 2,323 square kilometres and barely 190,000 residents, it may sound like there’s nothing much to do in this quaint province. But no, there are so many things to do here! Ready your backpacks!

Ph locator map quirino.png
Av Eugene Alvin Villar (seav) – English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Lenke

How To Get There
Believe it or not, Quirino is rarely mentioned in travel blogs and sites. Because of its geographical location, it is generally off the tourist radar.

Your first option would be to take a bus from Metro Manila. You will have to catch the late night trip so you’ll get to the town of Maddela the next morning (yes, you’ll have to sleep on the bus). This is the most economical way of getting there.

If time is of the essence and the budget is not an issue, take an hour flight (Cebu Pacific Air) to Cauayan Airport in Isabela, a town next to Quirino. Get off the plane, and find a van that will take you Cabarroguis. This land trip will take another hour to an hour and a half.

If you are not able to book a ticket to Cauayan, hop on an hour flight to Tuguegarao (Cebu Pacific Air or Philippine Airlines) and then hop on a van to Quirino. This will take three hours.

There’s no easy way to get to this place, but it’s so worth it!

Maddela Quirino.JPG
By P199Sariling gawa, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Getting Around Quirino
If you’re a laidback type of person who likes to immerse what locals do, Quirino should be on your bucket list. There are no car, motorcycle or bicycle rentals, however, you can ride a jeepney to get to your destination (yes, even to the remote mountainous areas!)

What To Do In Quirino

Eat. Eat. Eat – With all those hours you spent on travelling to Quirino, be sure to try their delicious local delicacies (this will give you enough energy for your other activities, too). Enjoy some “igado” and “Pancit Batil Patung” for lunch, dinakdakan for dinner (or anytime of the day, tbh!) and some “Royal Tubikoy” or “inandila” for dessert or afternoon snacks. And “water” them down with “tapuy.” No, we won’t tell you what they are. You have to try them!

Go spelunking – Aglipay cave has a 37-chamber cave system, 8 of which were developed for caving for enthusiasts (from basic to super challenging).

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.34.48 AM.png

Visit Nagtipunan – Nagtipunan, a town where part of the Cagayan River is located, is not only perfect for boating and swimming. Here you can enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle and unleash your outdoorsy side! This place is great for camping, trekking, rock climbing, fishing, and rafting.

See the waterfalls – Quirino may not have beaches, but it is definitely blessed with so many waterfalls. Before you get to bathe in these amazing falls, you have to be up for a little bit of hiking and trekking (well, maybe not a little). List down Pensal Falls, Mabo Falls, Nantugaw Falls, Sinipit Falls, Maddela Falls, Junuan Falls, Victoria Falls, and Mactol Falls on your journal for when you visit Quirino!


Sit back and relax at Landingan Viewpoint – Two words: breathtaking scenery. A view deck is available where you can see perpetual greens. That is green plains surrounded by green mountains after green mountains against the blue skies. The view is so beautiful and the air is so fresh you just want to stay quiet and be in one with nature (and maybe imagine yourself paragliding).

Visit Siitan River – Balasyan canoes will take you on a quiet yet enjoyable river cruise at Siitan River. If prefer to get your feet (or yourself) in the water, rent an inflated tube and allow yourself to be drifted away by the calm waters of this river. This place is so picturesque you’d think you’re on a movie set!

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Breathtaking Scenic Spots in Taitung

Unknown to many, Taiwan has its own version of Hawaii that is Taitung. It is a city located in South East Taiwan with a population of about 108,000. It has a chill and laidback vibe, which matches the simplicity of its surroundings. In this article, we give you a virtual tour of Taitung by showing you its hidden breathtaking spots.


Dulan Beach
Dulan is a serene town on the east coast of Taitung city. It is a tiny community surrounded by mountains and wonderful beaches. Dulan beach has fine, clean, brown sand with waves that are perfect for beginner surfing. What makes it even more amazing is that you rarely see people go there. You can have its entire stretch of coastline all to yourself. It is a perfect place to get in touch with nature.

Taitung or Taidong Forest Park
With an astounding scope of 280 hectares, this park is huge enough to contain a lake within its premises. Pipa Lake is home to many aquatic animals and plants and is one of the scenic spots in the park. Taitung Forest Park is truly a secret haven within a concrete city.


Jhibhen Hot Spring
A few minutes away from Taitung City lies the town of Jhibhen. It is a small town blessed with hot springs with crystal clear and odourless water. Many Japanese-style baths and outdoor hot pools are available for the visitors to enjoy. Aside from the relaxing hot baths, the surrounding evergreen mountains also contribute to the tranquillity in Jhibhen.

Tianhou Temple
This vibrant, well-maintained temple complex is situated at the northern tip of Zhonghua Road. It is the largest temple in Taitung and is dedicated to Matsu or Mazu. Aside from being a place of worship, it is also famous as a tourist attraction for its beautiful details that exhibit their rich history and culture. Tourists should wait until the evening, as its main courtyard is also used for swordplay practice.

Paposogan or the Seashore Park
This park is perfect for those who want to have a quiet time. You can go for a walk or hop on a bike and enjoy the scenery. It also has public art installations, which are inspired by wood and of course, the ocean. In the morning, the crisp sea breeze from the powerful Pacific Ocean will greet you, and in the evening, the soft ambient lights will take you to a dreamy world you will never forget.

timg (1).jpeg

Chu Lu Ranch
Opened in 1973, this 70-hectare slope land has Holstein cows that produce 500 tonnes of milk annually. Aside from its country vibe (which you will surely appreciate) and pleasant weather, you can also enjoy drinking tea in its outdoor tea shop, strolling in the maple trail, grass surfing, horse back riding and riding horse-drawn carriages. If you want to experience an ecological and cultural trip, this should be on your destination list.

Jhaorih or Zhaori Hot Spring
Being one of the only three hot springs with seawater, it’s no wonder why this is so famous. It has outdoor pools where tourists can pamper themselves while enjoying the mild weather and the calming sound of the waves. On rainy days, visitors can enjoy the indoor hot spring spas. And the best thing? Because of it faces the Pacific Ocean, you get the best sunrise view.

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Hello, I am Mish! I used to work as a travel expert, customer service specialist and a communications trainer in the past. After working for eight years straight since I graduated, I decided to give up my corporate job to focuses on my 4-year old son, works as a freelance writer and a real estate assistant. I am a sun-worshipper, a water baby, and an earth warrior. And oh, I’m tiny but I am an Olympic-level glutton. Let me bring your tummy around the globe! You can reach me at LinkedIn.

A Glimpse of Portugal’s Azores Islands

The Pacific has Hawaii and the Atlantic the Azores. The Azores are a cluster of 9 volcanic islands located in near the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The territory is under Portugal flag, but they are mostly autonomously governed. These paradise islands to some have been called heaven on earth- lush vegetation, stunning mountains, stunning marine life, golden beaches, and not overpopulated. One of the islands- Santa Maria- is inhabited by a mere 5,500 people. Many of Azores island names relate to nature: Pico for mountain island and Flores for flower island. The major sources of income derive from agriculture, dairy farming, ranching, fishing, and tourism. They are also known for their renounced whale watching, rock climbing, and diving.


Whale Watching
In the past, this cetacean safe heaven contributes much of its economy from whale hunting. Now the area and marine life are protected and cherished. Throughout the year, this island paradise is visited by common and bottlenose dolphins, and blue and humpback whales. It is a site were marine animals come for rest during their long migration. Tours of each island can be booked, but strict laws prohibit boats from disturbing the animals. Visitors can stop by at one of the many whale museums on land, displaying the culture’s drastic transformation from killing to protecting whale species.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.13.28 PM.png

The Azores also has a strong allure for hikers. The mountains here are some of the tallest in the world if you were to measure from the ocean floor. Mount. Pico is the most famous, ranging from 7,713 feet above sea level. It has over 60 trails that usually take up to 3 hours to hike. From those trails, two of the most popular sites are the São Miguel’s Setes Cidades twin lakes and Lagoa do Fogo which takes you to the shore. The island of Flores is a famous hiking site, well-known for the land’s extreme natural beauty.


With the frequent whale and dolphin sightings, this would be a great diving site, but the water holds many more surprises. The volcanos not only provide for nutrient water, but the lava creates winding caverns and rock formations for many species to thrive. Exploring below the surface, divers can find Devil Rays, Loggerhead Turtles, Sharks, Slipper Lobsters, Yellow Mouth Barracuda, Tuna and plenty more. Along with this, you can stumble upon one of the decaying shipwrecks. Most of the Islands provide for dive trips and with the visibility as high as 100 ft. and water temp around 70F, it is one experience that would not be easily forgotten.

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josh-may Hello! I’m Josh and I’m a journalism and business student from the U.S. I grew up near Boston but now I’m living in Thailand. In the past I’ve been a ski instructor, waiter, and camp counselor. Now I’ve taken up the pen and want to develop my skills as a writer. I got hooked on traveling last December. I found the microscopic image of my town and realized how much of the earth I hadn’t seen. Since then I’ve had a fire in my belly to see and do as much as I can. My experience here in Thailand has been so great and now I’m eager to share and inspire others to get out, it’s worth it! You can keep in contact with me at LinkedInUpwork or Facebook.

An Overview of Taranaki, New Zealand

You think you have explore enough exotic places, you haven’t seen the breathtaking scenery of Taranaki. Touted to be The Place to Visit in 2017, it is a must visit location if you think New Zealand is only about Lord of The Rings, churches and cows.


Taranaki Natives
Taranaki is a beautiful region in northern New Zealand. The Māori people originally inhabited the land, also referred to as Tangata Whenua “people of the land”. Māori was a warrior like culture and under some accounts were known to eat their enemies. Similarly, to the Native Americans, most of these people’s land were taken by British colonisation. Tariana Turia, Associate Minister of Māori Affairs, compared the 17th-century land war to the Holocaust. Between the conflicts and foreign diseases, Māori people were almost wiped out. Now in the wake of the 21 century, the natives are reviving, acting as the 2nd largest ethnic group in New Zealand.

Two historical Māori heroes were Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi. War veterans and esteemed chefs, these two lived in the heat of the invasion. Seeing their people killed and land taken, Te Whiti and Tohu organised a nonviolent resistance. As soldiers broke down faience and cleared villages for roads, the Māoris rebuilt. As farmland was confiscated, workers continued ploughing. Aggravated by the native’s efforts, over 1,000 men charged Te Whiti and Tohu’s village to find children singing and dancing at the entrance. Closest to centre, soldiers found the two chiefs with the rest of the village offering food and dance. Outraged many were arrested, and the leaders were imprisoned on another island. Their lives were a great testament inspiring other nonviolent resistance and modern art.


The Mountain
The centrepiece of this territory is Taranaki Mountain, giving it is named. “Tara” meaning mountain top and “naki” meaning shimmering. It is also called Egmont Mount named by British explorer James Cook. It is almost a perfectly symmetrical 2,519-meter stratovolcano, luring in geologists from all around the world. Eruptions are predicted to occur every 90 years, but that doesn’t stop hikers. For athletic people, the hike can take up to a day. It is ranked the second most dangerous in the country with a noted 83 deaths. Other recreational activities on Taranaki include Skiing. Stratford Mountain Club has a scenic slope on the eastern side.
Some Māori people believed the volcano used to live in the middle of the island with the rest of the volcanos. Legend has it that fell in love with Pihanga, a mountain beauty. Tongariro- another volcano- jealous, erupted in rage forcing Taranaki to flee westward. On his way, Taranaki carving out the Whanganui River and Ngaere swamp. To this day he laid, but some Māori still fear living between the two great enemies.


Surf Highway
A 105 km road wrapping around the coast of Taranaki is a perfect place for adventurous surfers- cold water, black volcanic sand, and rocky beaches. Although not ideal conditions, with the many options and strong reef surf’s, travellers for all around come. One of the most famous beaches, Kumara Patch, is known for its left hand, fast breaking waves. Other favourite sites along the highway include cosy coffee shops, Cape Egmont Lighthouse, Puke Ariki Museum, Normanby Dam- a site where kayakers drop of dams- Taranaki thermal pools, and the Egmont National Park. Connected by the forest, hikers and enter the park from Sefton Track a 2-hour loop.

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josh-may Hello! I’m Josh and I’m a journalism and business student from the U.S. I grew up near Boston but now I’m living in Thailand. In the past I’ve been a ski instructor, waiter, and camp counselor. Now I’ve taken up the pen and want to develop my skills as a writer. I got hooked on traveling last December. I found the microscopic image of my town and realized how much of the earth I hadn’t seen. Since then I’ve had a fire in my belly to see and do as much as I can. My experience here in Thailand has been so great and now I’m eager to share and inspire others to get out, it’s worth it! You can keep in contact with me at LinkedInUpwork or Facebook.

Places to see (Sakura) cherry blossom in 2017


If you have not seen Cherry Blossom at least once in your life, you are actually missing out on its beauty. I’m going to show you that Japan isn’t the only choice though that is obviously the most popular choice among all.

The cherry blossom season in Japan starting from late March to early May, depend on the locations. Some of the best spots to watch the show are:


Takayama city, Gifu
A beautiful spring festival framed in white and pink colour, an enchanting sight that allows your eyes to feast on its beauty.

Kinosaki Onsen town, Hyogo
A romantic movie-like scene when Spring season arrives, where the pink glows along the street, it is an irresistible beauty.


Fukuoka Castle Ruins at Maizuru Park, Fukuoka
The vintage classic atmosphere of the ruined castle blends perfectly with the fascinating blooming of more than 1000 cherry trees.

Japan Mint, Osaka
Passed down centuries of tradition since the end of the 19th, every year this place held the seasonal festival for the public to enjoy the gorgeous, iconic flowers blossom.


Mt. Yoshino, Nara
The best among the best. Just vision the whole mountain covered in pink and white, the most romantic picture-perfect setting I believed.

Hirosaki Castle Park, Hirosaki city, Aomori
Another favourite spot where cherry blossom addicts flock to while in Japan.

Lesser known than Japan doesn’t mean Korea has less to offer in this springtime. Check out the hot spots for your magnificent cherry blossom backdrops:


There are many sites in this touristic town, where your craving for cherry blossom is satisfied: Haeundae Dalmaji Road, colour Stream Park, Igidae Coastal Promenade, Mt. Hwangnyeong Ring Road are among the best to enjoy the springtime performance.

Book your ticket to come here in early April and participate in festivals like Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. The splendid sightings of the pink and white fallen petal carpet ensure plenty picture perfect moments.


Jeju Island
The idyllic island is famous for their legendary cherry trees, which only blossom for 2 – 3 days each year. A well worthy rare sight that should not be missed.

After a long cold, snowy winter, Spring time is widely welcomed around Europe. In some countries, this comes with the glorious blooming of cherry trees. Let check them out together:


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Yes, not only tulip fields but also Sakura, get yourself to the English park and being rewarded with the romantic walkway here.


Stockholm, Sweden
The classic fairy tale sightings blend with the silky pink color from million cherry petals entirely a princess dream comes true.


London, UK
Despite numerous flowers unfold their beauty during spring time, it is undeniable, cherry tree holding the crown.

Other Countries
Vancouver, Canada
The spring celebrations here has always included the beauty of cherry blossom. If you already used to the incredible yellow Falls, try to visit Vancouver during Spring for a change, which is equally impressive.

Washington DC, US
Cheering your US spring with cherry blossoming isn’t a bad idea at all, especially when it has such irresistible natural beauty.

Dalat, Vietnam
If you happen to be in South East Asia yet still love to have a glimpse of Sakura blooming, you are at the right place. Starting from Feb, the little city change to its pink dress to celebrate Tet, the Vietnam New Year.

Chiang Mai, Northen Thailand
Another budget-friendly spot to enjoy the shower of cherry flower or Tiger Queen as how the local like to refer to. Unlike the professional festivals in Japan or Korean, or the entirely different fairy tale look in Europe, cherry blossom here mixes with the rural breath, giving another unique experience.

As one of the most famous iconic flowers signalise Springtime, Cherry Blossom is not only a show of nature beauty but also a remind of how fragile and quick beautiful moments flash. Enjoy the short yet elegant beauty as much as you treasure the little joys in life.

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Guest Post: Iceland! More amazing nature!

Iceland has many different views …here are more…. amazing waterfalls…


Seljalandsfoss a 60m waterfall in a lovely location,surrounded by cliffs and green slopes.



A footpath leads behind the waterfall… little bit wet….






such beautiful green….



This is Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano which broke out in April 2010 and had me and mum stranded in Germany for a week because of the ash in the air so the planes couldn’t fly. We now saw it dormant with snow. (1660m high) I never thought I would see this volcano.



Then we went to a crashed plane wreck on the coast on black sand. It was a US Navy DC3 and it crashed 1973 because it ran out of fuel. All survived and it turned out later that the pilot switched to the wrong fuel tank.


I went even inside….



It feels it is in the middle of nowhere but in the back you can see the glacier.

Black sand just everywhere.



Very little growth…



I loved the sand and the sea, it was sunny too, see I tanned a bit!


This is the Solheimajokull glacier.

It says that with the global warming it can disappear within 100 to 200 years.


The last stop was the huge Skogafoss Waterfall.


We got very wet, but as the sun was shining the rainbow went all the way round.

So beautiful!

We walked all the way to the top.


We had a busy day and chilled out with an original Icelandic yogurt – Skyr


We enjoyed the whole experience as well as the Icelandic food!

I can only recommend Iceland for its nature, wonderful people, clean air, amazing drinking water ( ph 8.8- tastes fantastic) and its food.

I hope you enjoyed my day trip as much as I did!

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